Sunday, 6 July 2008

Bon Voyage, Bitches!

In true Dannii style, I've decided to pack my bags and head to the nearest Spanish party island. I also think this is the right time to close Dannii's Box (again). I'm suffering from major fan fatigue - mainly due to the sad, deluded droids who constitute Dannii's ever shrinking fanbase. I will always worship Holidannii but the humourless creatures that surround her are making Dannii fandom an unnecessary hardship. I'm sure I'll regain my enthusiasm when Dannii releases her next collection of unreleased crap and re-open the blog (yet again) but in the meantime I'm moving on to Kylie. She might not have been blessed with Dannii's stunning good looks or searing vocal talent but at least she still has the occasional hit and hasn't retired to the living hell of reality TV. Adios!