Thursday, 30 August 2007

Cover Girl Dannii

Dannii's profile in the UK continues to grow with yet another stunning front page pictorial. There's no story as such, just a bunch of sexy pics from the Neon Nights era. Dannii is not only the queen of clubs but also the new people's princess in the UK!

Holidannii Strikes Back - X Factor In Ibiza!

Sometimes Dannii is too fabulous for words. Never one to miss an opportunity to mix business with a bit of pleasure, Dannii has taken her X Factor contestants to Ibiza! While other judges took their contestants to show business hubs like Los Angeles and Dublin, Dannii dragged her charges to the beach. I give Dannii five minutes before she's in a steamy bikini, burning up the dancefloor in a gay nightclub. Dannii is bliss!

DISHY Dannii Minogue is off to party island Ibiza next week with her favourites from The X Factor.

The sexy singer wants the wannabes to let their hair down and relax after weeks of gruelling workshops and tense auditions. But The X Factor judge says the party in the sun will not last long.

Delicious Dannii, 35, is taking her six favourite acts from the ITV show to a villa on the island where they will have to face Judgment Day. She must make the heartbreaking decision of choosing which three to keep for the final and which three to dump.

Dannii, who has scored hits with Jump To The Beat, Put The Needle On It and This Is It, admits it will be a hard decision because she has bonded with the singers in recent weeks. But she only wants the “best of the best” because she would love to win the show.

She said: “I’m thrilled to be going to Ibiza for The X Factor. But it’s going to be tough. The perfect star is unique. Talent, personality and a desire to be the next winner are the key ingredients. If we don’t find a talent as big as last year’s winner Leona, then we’ve failed. When it comes to mentoring the acts, the gloves will be off. I’d love to win. Just because I’m the new girl, I won’t be a pushover.”

Kylie’s little sister is not the only judge who has to make their mind up next week. All four panellists on the show have now been given their categories which they will be mentoring this year.

They are: 14-24 boys; 14-24 girls; the over 25s and the groups. The judges have picked their six favourites in each category but now must choose who to keep. Simon Cowell, 47, has flown his acts to Marbella in Spain, Sharon Osbourne, 54, has taken her wannabes to Los Angeles and Louis Walsh, 55, is jetting his contestants to Dublin.

The final 12, which will comprise three from each of the four categories, will then head for the live Saturday night shows hosted by Dermot O’Leary, 34. Each Saturday they will have to perform live in the studio and viewers will vote for their favourites, with one act being booted off every week.

The final will take place in December, with three acts battling it out for a £1million record deal and the chance to compete for the Christmas No 1. Dannii faces some tough competition in her battle to be victor. Cowell has won two out of the three X Factors with Steve Brookstein, 38, and Leona Lewis, 22, while Louis Walsh has won one with Shayne Ward, 22.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Simon Cowell - Hot For Sexy Dannii

Sexy Dannii is driving fellow judge, Simon Cowell, wild with desire on X Factor. It appears that glamorous Dannii has already made a huge impact on the show. Bitter, old Sharon is clearly threatened by Dannii's otherworldly beauty and stunning intellect, while Simon has fallen under Dannii's mesmerising spell. In an interview with UK's Daily Mail Simon states the obvious by declaring that he finds Dannii sexier than Kylie. I'm sure his dressing room is covered in old copies of Dannii's erotic calenders! Read the article here.

Kylie? I'd go for Dannii any day, says Simon Cowell

X Factor star Simon Cowell has revealed he finds his new co-judge Dannii Minogue "incredibly sexy" and would choose her over more famous sister Kylie "any day".

TV's Mr Nasty is a big fan of the 35-year-old Australian singer - and the feelings are mutual. "There's something about her (Dannii) that's very mysterious - I think she keeps some aspects of her character private," Cowell told The Sun. "She's an incredibly sexy girl, but she doesn't realise how sexy she is. I tell you something, given the choice between Kylie and Dannii, I would go for Dannii any day," Cowell told The Sun.

Returning the compliment, Minogue, who is single, told YOU magazine: "Simon's very fanciable! It's his confidence. I like that in someone."

Dannii is best known in the UK as Kylie's younger sister, however Cowell believes her appearance on X Factor will see her emerge as a star in her own right. "I think she has been a little bit in Kylie's shadow, but she is, in her own right, very intelligent and very savvy. She told me she watched the X Factor with Kylie. When we did the first day of recording she was in a bit of a shock as she kept telling me, 'I feel a bit strange to be here, in between you and Sharon (Osbourne)."

However it's not Cowell's long-term girlfriend Terri Seymour who is slightly jealous of Dannii's impact on him but fellow judge Sharon Osbourne. Cowell explained: "When I sit next to one, the other sulks. I have to try to give each one equal attention. You know girls can be very catty and it's been very interesting watching how another woman has affected the dynamic of the group."

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Dannii Abused By Uncouth Contestant!

This uncouth X factor contestant had the nerve to call Dannii a "fucking cunt"! I have to admit to finding this tragic diva kind of fabulous and hope she gets a chance to showcase her stunning talent with a record deal. I also approve of her song choice - Sheena's "Sugar Walls" is a personal favourite of mine - but the nasty ho needs to wash out her toilet mouth! The Sun reports the incident here.


X FACTOR judges were left fuming after a wannabe blasted them all as fucking cunts.

Welsh warbler Rachel Lester, from Cardiff, told Simon Cowell to “kiss my ass” after he called her “lazy, deluded and talentless”. And Sharon Osbourne stoked the flames by calling the potty-mouthed star a “streetwalker”.

But the fuming wannabe exploded again — dismissing Simon’s comments as “bullshit”.

She also let rip into the four judges, screaming: “The way you lot live your lives you’re all fucking cunts — you’re all cunts and you know you are”.

The fiery encounter came after the show’s judges decided she was not good enough. And before even singing, Rachel got on the wrong side of the judges with a string of boasts. She told them: “All of Cardiff know me — I’m an extremely good vocalist.

“I can sing like Cyndi Lauper and Gwen Stefani — you don’t get more versatile than that. I’m a raw talent, I’ve got the looks, I’ve got the body, I’m just too damn good — I deserve this.”

But despite her enthusiasm, she admitted she is workshy. She said: “I’m lazy but I’ve been singing for years. I’m better than Madonna.” She then murdered Sheena Easton’s Sugar Walls — to Simon’s amazement.

He told her: “You’ve got a really bad attitude, sweetheart. Everything I wouldn’t want — lazy, deluded, very little talent.”

Furious, Rachel then let fly with her rant and ended up being ejected by Tony, the show’s security guard. The judges sat there stunned by what they had seen.

“What an awful woman” said Louis Walsh, while Dannii Minogue added: “I’ve never heard someone speak like that before, it was foul. She was so full of hatred. She even scared me.”

In The Sun last week, Simon branded Welsh Rachel “the worst contestant I have EVER met.”

Monday, 27 August 2007

Neon Nights Re-Release Cover!

The cover of Dannii's "Neon Nights" re-release has finally been revealed on her website. It's basically just the Japanese cover with a pink border but I love it! There's still no indication of its release date but this is actually starting to look like a real possibility now. Dannii-mania is in full swing!

Old Bag Jealous Of Stunning Dannii

I guess it was inevitable that sparks would fly between glamorous Dannii and that wrinkly, old Osbourne woman on X Factor. As one of the world's most beautiful and stunningly talented women, Dannii was always going to steal Sharon's thunder. Instead of gracefully accepting her role as Dannii's sidekick, UK's The People newspaper reports that Sharon has her claws out for poor Dannii and has even made her cry! Now that Dannii is an official icon for butch lesbians around the globe, Sharon had better watch out or she'll find herself being slapped silly by an army of dildo wielding dykes. Sharon, you're time is over. Be grateful that Dannii is indulging your haggard presence on her show!


EXCLUSIVE Amazing X Factor feud leaves sexy rival in tears

X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne is reeling after a string of bust-ups with stunning newcomer Dannii Minogue. Sharon, 54, is outraged that she could lose her spot as the hit show's Queen Bee to a sexier rival 20 years younger. Show bosses are desperate to play down the full extent of the explosive behind-the-scenes feud. But today we can reveal how...

Gorgeous Dannii fled the Manchester auditions in tears after a furious row with Sharon.

Bitter Sharon ignored Dannii at the show's bootcamp despite sitting beside her on the panel and has been dubbed a cow because of her behaviour. Fiery Sharon has dubbed the ITV1 programme "The Minogue Show" because Kylie is due to make an appearance.

The warring pair attended a peacemaking dinner with fellow judge Louis Walsh in a desperate bid to ease the problem before the show goes live. Last night an ITV insider said: "If this doesn't stop now it's going to be car-crash television once the live Saturday night shows start. Sharon is acting like a cow and poor Dannii doesn't know what's hit her."

The source continued: "Sharon's nose has been well and truly put out of joint by the arrival of Dannii. "In previous series she has been the star of the show. She brought the glamour and sexiness. This year she was hoping things would be the same, particularly as her own chat show crashed and burned.

"She was hoping to prove she's still got what it takes, more so to herself because nobody has ever questioned her ability. She's brilliant. But she feels Dannii is taking over. She thinks she is the star of the show. She's younger, sexier and Sharon hates it."

Pint-sized pop star Dannii, 35, joined X Factor this year following her stint as a judge on "Australia's Got Talent". Tv Mr Nasty Simon Cowell was behind the decision to hire her and last week hinted that she and Sharon were at loggerheads.

He said: "When I sit next to one, the other sulks. I have to try to give each one equal attention. I try not get involved. Girls can be catty and it's been very interesting watching how another woman has affected the dynamics of the group." But he failed to tell fans the true potentially-damaging extent of the problem. In June, Sharon and Dannii had a bust-up during the Manchester auditions and Dannii left the room in tears.

Another source said: "There were crosswords and Dannii ended up in tears. She ran off crying before things got even worse and people had a chance to ask what had really happened. Sharon looked furious and stormed out in the opposite direction. Neither of them wanted to talk about it. Dannii knows she's the newcomer and didn't want to make a fuss. She knows that Sharon plays a huge role in the show and really doesn't want to cause upset but it's difficult now there are two females. Sharon doesn't want Dannii to trample all over her property and she has made that clear from the very start. She's a strong woman and she won't let anyone stand in her way or overshadow her."

Earlier this month, dozens of wannabes were left stunned at the frostiness during the bootcamp stages of the competition. Reject Dan Lauder, who failed to make it to the next stage, told how he could cut the atmosphere with a knife during auditions. The 17-year-old singer from London told The People: "Dannii and Sharon didn't even speak to each other when I saw them. Sharon turned her back on Dannii right through the audition and made it clear there was friction. Sharon was sitting at the end of the table right beside Dannii and her body language was really frosty.

"There was no interaction of any kind. No laughing or joking, or even just discussing their opinions. Louis and Simon, who were sitting on the other side of Dannii, were the ones doing all the talking and keeping the atmosphere ticking over but as for the girls, there was obviously a problem." Dan - one half of duo Dream - also revealed that Dannii was up against a barrage of unpopularity from the show's wannabes too.

He said: "A lot of people felt like Dannii was the newcomer but wanted to be the star of the show. Sharon's really popular and nobody wanted to see her pushed into a back seat by Dannii."

But that's exactly how she felt last week when the latest series of the Saturday night show was launched, pulling in 10.7million viewers. In a string of interviews, Simon praised Dannii but failed to mention Sharon. He said: "Given the choice between Kylie and Dannii, I would go for Dannii any day. She's an incredibly sexy girl but doesn't realise how sexy she is." Our source said: "It's only a matter of time before Sharon explodes. Things are already reaching boiling point and she's said she'll quit if she doesn't win this year's show. Now she fears that Dannii may win, particularly if she is the one promoted as the star."

Sharon is the only judge not to have taken the crown. In last week's show, viewers saw her plead with talented 14-year-old Emily, saying: "I hope you're in my group. I really need to win this year." Simon's plan to get Dannii's superstar sister Kylie on the show in some capacity has put Sharon's nose even further out of joint. It is thought Kylie, 39, will give the finalists one-to-one coaching and teach them to sing one of her hits. The stunning sisters may even perform a duet on one of the live shows. Our source added: "Sharon never tried to get her family on the show because that's not what it's about. But now with the hype around Kylie's involvement, Sharon feels it's turning into The Minogue Show."

"Poor Louis has been put right in the middle. He is old friends with Sharon but gets on well with Dannii and doesn't want to be caught in the cross fire. He has been trying to bring the girls closer together because he knows that it will benefit all of them. They even went out for a meal a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to smooth things over but it didn't have the desired effect. The rivalry will only get worse for the live shows. Not only will they have the competition of wanting their acts to get through, but the personal rivalry will be overwhelming."

A spokesman for Sharon said: "Naturally there is rivalry as they want to win. But they have a mutual respect for each other. Any barbs are in jest." Simon Cowell's PR Max Clifford said: "This has been the most successful start to any X Factor series. The reason is the team of new judges is working so well together. There's bound to be some tension - that's part of the appeal of the show."

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Dannii's Lesbian Antics - Out Of Control!

Dannii's insatiable lust for hot lesbian action is out of control! If The News Of The World's interview with Dannii's gal pal, Janine, wasn't explosive enough another stripper, Kelly Simpson, exclusively tells Daily Star about a "lesbian sex show" she put on for horny Dannii!

Highlights from the stunning interview include this excerpt:

The meeting with raunchy Kelly came when Dannii visited The Number 10s Club in Cardiff with three girlfriends. “I was at the bar in a black baby doll nightie, a black thong and tie-ups when in walked this beautiful woman. “She beckoned me over and said in a very low voice ‘Would you dance for me?’

“As I started, she ran her eyes up and down my body all the time. I could see she was enjoying this so then I started to take off my top and expose my boobs. “There is a club rule that you must not show your bottom half naked but I was able to twist and tease my thong suggestively. She liked that.” Kelly then changed into an eye-popping yellow bikini, went back into the bar – and Dannii again beckoned her.

Read the complete article here!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Dannii's Lesbian Love Toy Speaks Out!

England's fabulous News Of The World newspaper have scored an exclusive interview with the stripper at the centre of Dannii's Lezzigate scandal. Classy Janine reveals how Dannii groped her breasts and was invited home for a threesome! Check out the article in full here.

A STRIPPER has spoken for the first time about the night she turned Kylie's little sister into Dannii MinOH-OH-OH-gue with some very dirty dancing.

Janine Marshall has broken her silence about the encounter at the Puss In Boots nightspot in London and told us: "Dannii devoured me during that dance like a ravenous tiger."

Janine, 24, revealed how 35-year-old Dannii:

BEGGED for the stripper's attention
GROPED her breasts and bum.
GAWPED as naked Janine put her privates on parade.

Dannii, now rating fresh singing talent with Simon Cowell on X Factor, gave Janine's performance a perfect 10. When she arrived at the club in September 2005 with her boyfriend and another couple, the Aussie star immediately singled out the stripper. Janine said: "She picked me for a private dance so I led them to a quiet corner in the VIP area and they settled into the sofas. Then I began my routine."

First the lapdancer concentrated on the guys in the party, but soon turned her attention to Dannii. "She was calling out for me, so I sauntered over and squeezed my breasts as I danced seductively in front of her," said Janine. "I've got a three-foot rule — I never go closer than that with clients. But with Dannii it was different. I pushed the boundaries more than I would with other clients because she's a woman and I felt safe."

Dannii's Lesbian Lover - Janine

She then moved on to the star's female pal. "I gyrated between her legs and that sent Dannii even wilder — she kicked her leg out in sheer excitement." When Janine started work on Dannii's boyfriend—who she's since split from—the singer was transfixed. "I kept my eyes locked on Dannii's the whole time I was dancing for him and she loved it. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat. I don't know if it turned her on seeing her man with another woman but she was totally cool with it."

Then Janine pushed her performance up a notch. "I teased down my skirt and was dancing in my panties and halter-neck bikini top, which I unknotted. "My boobs fell out of my top and I peeled off my knickers before stepping out of them." By then, all Janine was wearing was a pair of four-inch, glass-heeled stilettos. "Dannii admired me. She said, ‘Wow, look at that body.' I knew I looked fantastic. At one point she grabbed a curl of my hair and twiddled it around her finger. And she said, ‘You've got such sexy hair'.

"Then she whispered, ‘You're stunning, you're turning me on so much'."

Janine knew just how to turn up the heat even more. She grinned: "Table dancing is all about the tease, so one minute I was five feet from her and the next just one millimetre separated us. I leaned towards her with my face pressed against hers. Then I moved away. It was a case of, ‘Look at me, I'm beautiful, but you can't have me'."

But Dannii didn't have to wait long to get closer. Janine explained: "I moved nearer again, this time on my knees. "Dannii adored my boobs and couldn't believe they were natural, so she reached out and her fingers played with them gently. I kneeled and my hands glided up the side of her waist. She kept leaning forward to nestle her face in my breasts. I turned around to face a mirrored wall and as I arched my back my bottom pushed out towards Dannii," she recalled. "And it felt so sexy when she put her palms flat against my butt cheeks. I could see her through the mirror grinning at her boyfriend, like a cat that had got the cream."

Then, as if that wasn't enough, Janine gave an x-rated on-the-floor show.

"I laid on my back and gyrated my body against the carpet. Then I kneeled on the floor and leaned back on my heels. My arms were above my head and I could see Dannii getting a good view of everything. I was totally naked. She was flicking her hair like an excitable teenager as she gawped at me."

So Janine gave Dannii, who was lying flat on the sofa by that point, a closer inspection. She said: "I lifted her leg up towards me and clasped my fingers around her ankle. Then I used my lips to trace a line from her ankle to the middle part of her calf. It tickled her into a frenzy because
Dannii couldn't stop moving— she was too turned on to sit still."

When the dance was over, Janine claims the star's boyfriend at the time then invited her to go home with them. "That's not the kind of girl that I am. I never went home with clients—men or women—and I wasn't about to start then." But Dannii booked the dancer to sit with them for a further hour and during that time the conversation centred on one thing — stripping.

"Dannii said she loved watching me dance naked and admitted she'd had pole dancing lessons herself," said Janine. "She said she enjoyed pole dancing and it made her feel sexy."

Janine, who has given up lapdancing and now runs a successful agency in west London, later gave her mobile number to the star after Dannii invited her to a fashion show that night.
But she never heard from her until February 2006, after the News of the World revealed the gob-smacking video footage. "She sent a message through a friend saying she hoped I was OK," said Janine, from south London. "It was nice of her to think of me." But Janine admits she was shocked and upset when the CCTV stills from her dalliance with Dannii became public.

"It hurt me that I was exploited but I'm running my own dance academy and teaching regular women the art of seduction and pole dancing. I've moved on with my life."

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Dannii - TV Star, Lingerie Model & Pop Queen

I feel like it's Christmas! After a veritable drought, new Dannii projects are sprouting up everywhere. Could 2007 finally be Holidannii's year? With any luck the rest of the world will finally realise what we have always known - that Dannii is not only the greatest dancer but the world's greatest living entertainer! The next few months promise a smorgasbord of Dannii activity. Firstly, there is her highly publicised role on "X Factor" and confirmation that channel 7 executives are willing to postpone the second series of "Australia's Got Talent" for six months just to ensure they snare Dannii's services. It seems that Dannii's old record companies are already bracing for Dannii-mania with 2 Disc re-releases of "Girl" and "Neon Nights" announced yesterday. I'll believe it when I'm holding copies in my hand but the tracklists are enough to get me salivating:



01. All I Wanna Do
02. Heaven Can Wait (Album Version)
03. So In Love With Yourself
04. Am I Dreaming?
05. Everybody Changes Underwater
06. Everything I Wanted (Album Version)
07. It It Moves – Dub It
08. Disremembrance (Album Version)
09. It’s Amazing
10. Movin’ Up (Extended Mix) - UNRELEASED
11. Keep Up With The Good Times - UNRELEASED
12. Someone New (Radio Edit) - UNRELEASED
13. Coconut
14. All I Wanna Do (Trouser Enthusiasts Radio Edit) - UNRELEASED
15. Everything I Wanted (Xenomania Radio Edit)
16. Disremembrance (Trouser Enthusiasts Radio Edit) - UNRELEASED ON CD


01. All I Wanna Do (12” Extended Mix)
02. Everything I Wanted (Xenomania 12” Club Mix)
03. Heaven Can Wait (Trouser Enthusiasts Cloud Nine Mix) - UNRELEASED IN UK
04. Disremembrance (Full Orchestral 12” Mix) - UNRELEASED
05. All I Wanna Do (Qattara’s Club Mix)
06. Everything I Wanted (Jupiter 6 Soul Surround Mix)
07. Disremembrance (Twyce As Nyce 1:40AM Club Mix) - UNRELEASED
08. Movin’ Up (Getting Harder Mix) - UNRELEASED
09. Keep Up With The Good Times (Xenomania 12” Mix) - UNRELEASED
10. All I Wanna Do (Tiny Tim & The Mekon Dream Dub) - UNRELEASED ON CD

‘Neon Nights’


01. Put The Needle On It
02. Creep
03. I Begin To Wonder (Album Version)
04. Hey! (So What)
05. For The Record
06. Mighty Fine
07. On The Loop
08. Push
09. Mystified
10. Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling (Album Version)
11. Vibe On
12. A Piece Of Time
13. Who Do You Love Now? (Radio Edit)
14. Come And Get It (Radio Version) - UNRELEASED
15. Nervous
16. Just Can’t Give You Up - UNRELEASED
17. Hide And Seek
18. Don’t Wanna Lose This Groove (Radio Edit)
19. Est-Ce Que Tu M’Aimes Encore? - UNRELEASED OUTSIDE FRANCE
20. Goodbye Song
21. It Won’t Work Out (Acoustic Version) - UNRELEASED


01. Don’t Wanna Lose This Groove – Extended Version (DANNII VS MADONNA)
02. Begin To Spin Me Round – Extended Version (DANNII VS DEAD OR ALIVE)
03. Who Do You Love Now? – Riva’s Bora Bora Club Mix - UNRELEASED OUTSIDE NETHERLANDS
04. Put The Needle On It – Jason Nevins Freak Club Creation Mix - UNRELEASED IN FULL
05. Hide And Seek – Thriller Jill Original Extended Mix - UNRELEASED
06. Come And Get It – Jerome Isma-Ae Remix - UNRELEASED
07. Put The Needle On It – Tiga’s Cookies Dub
08. Creep – Jon Dixon Club Mix - UNRELEASED
09. I Begin To Wonder – Almighty Transensual Club Mix - UNRELEASED
10. Put The Needle On It – Cicada Vocal Mix
11. Come And Get It – Sharam Jey Remix - UNRELEASED
12. Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling – Jupiter Ace Speared Thru The Heart Mix - UNRELEASED

It just seems too good to be true. The idea of an Almighty Transensual Club Mix of "I Begin To Wonder" is almost too fabulous for me to stand! However, the Dannii explosion doesn't end there by any means. Warners are also rumoured to be on the verge of announcing the release of two Holidannii compilations. That makes four scheduled albums this year! I'd be more than satisfied if Warners just hurry up and release the much delayed "Platinum Collection". Never one to rest on her laurels, Dannii has also been up to her old tricks of wearing very little clothing by modelling for Next lingerie! As you can see, Dannii looks truly spectacular! Kylie must be so jealous by her younger sister's amazing figure. In this hilarious interview (which waxes lyrical about Dannii's "strong Australian teeth") Dannii confirms that she's packing 32DDs! Check out Dannii's sexy photo shoot on Next's website. All we need now is some new music and another lesbian scandal!