Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Dannii's Baps Rock Fashion Week

The fashion world is still coming to terms with the fabulousness of Dannii's stunning baps at MAC Cosmetics' "Gold Fever" party. Ms Minogue was chosen to perform a medley of disco hits at the Studio 54 themed event and wore an exclusive outfit from J'Aton. Dannii should get that designer to whip up all her costumes because she looks absolutely breathtaking! The Baps, in particular, appear truly epic in that delicious gown! I'm not sure of the setlist but I assume she sang "Xanadu" and possibly "He's The Greatest Dancer" but I'd love to know if she dusted off another disco classic to cover. Fingers crossed that a video of this amazing performance eventually appears on the net!

MSN Viciously Attacks Dannii

Whilst killing time reading an article on MSN about TV shows past their prime, I was somewhat surprised to see The X Factor being cited as an example. What was even more horrifying was their reason: the Queen of Clubs herself!

TV Shows That Lost It

The X Factor - The addition of Dannii Minogue and Brian
Friedman (followed by his very public humiliation as he
was unceremoniously dumped for being rubbish) speaks
volumes. Tinkering with a format to 'freshen up' or 'sex up'
a show is generally an acknowledgement that it is going stale. In 2007, The
X Factor was only saved by the flamboyance of Rhydian Roberts.

Clearly these sad nobodies feel so bitter about their own lives they have nothing better to do than rip to shreds the hard work that Dannii has put into entertaining the masses. I'd like to see the MSN office geeks singlehandedly juggle successful music and TV careers on opposite sides of the planet. Dannii is a global entertainment icon and deserves respect, not venomous scorn. Shame on you, MSN.

Australia's Got Talent - Episode 1

Australia's Got Talent returned this evening in a blaze of low brow glory. Seriously, this has got to be one of the trashiest shows in the history of television! Tonight's performances included dancing children, a Middle Eastern tranny impersonating a bird and a barbershop quartet. That's not even mentioning the glorious presence of Ms Minogue! And let's face it, Dannii really is the cherry on top of this deliciously camp concoction.

Our girl really is the star of the show. She never fails to get her baps in a flap over even the most mediocre talent and always heats up the screen with a sexy look or saucy pose while delivering judgement. A perfect example was Dannii's shameless flirting with a muscular wood chopper on tonight's episode. I can't believe she even went back stage to sign his axe! Is no man safe from this desperate woman's clutches?! As fabulous as Dannii's flirting was, the absolute highlight for me was her reaction to the (surprisingly good) Kylie impersonator. I can't wait for the clip to hit youtube because Dannii's face was priceless. You just knew she wanted to give that poor diva the boot! For the sake of future fireworks, I hope faux Kylie makes the final. Bring on next week!

Dannii's Sexual Sunrise Interview

Here she is, making poor James Tobin blush! He's clearly hungry for The Baps!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Public Service Announcement

Attention all Aussies.

Don't forget that Australia's Got Talent begins tonight at 7:30pm on ch:7. That's straight after Home and Away.

I expect all of you to be watching tonight, none of this Big Brother shenanigans.

I'd also like to let everyone know that I'm off to tapings this Thursday and the following Tuesday.

That's all.

Club Disco - The Official DDB Promo

Hot on the heels of our first venture into the world of craptastic video promotion comes our second zero budget youtube extravaganza! I'm proud to present you with our very own contribution to the awe inspiring "Club Disco" publicity blitz - a staggering opus full of celebrity cameos, shocking revelations and stunning imagery. This is our biggest and boldest production yet! Please send the link around to your friends as a reminder of the album's impending release. "Club Disco" might not be chart eligible but we want to remind certain parties that Dannii's loyal fanbase is still very much intact. I'd like to thank Magical Froggy for taking my rough ideas and turning them into something extraordinary. Enjoy!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Dannii - On The Prowl!

Sydney Confidential is reporting that man hungry Dannii pounced on Sunrise reporter James Tobin during an interview. Someone needs to courier over Dannii's box of toys from the UK before things get out of hand!

SUNRISE junior showbiz reporter James Tobin was apparently like a pre-pubescent teenager after veteran Dannii Minogue turned cougar during a TV chat over the weekend.

Tobin asked the Australia's Got Talent judge if she was seeing anyone, to which she replied she was dating and having fun. A flirtatious Minogue then asked Tobin if he was seeing anyone.

"The room was certainly hot," one studio spy told Confidential.

"She was flirting outrageously with him, and he could barely talk."

Tobin, who replaced Jono Coleman as the brekky-TV entertainment guy, managed to get his act together and complete the interview.

Klub Dizko Owt Nixt Wik Youze Guyz1111

Yet again evil sistah kile is trying to steal the spotlight from Dannii! The older Minogue sibling is starting her tour next week - days after Dannii's latest stunning compilation of old "hits" you didn't buy the first time round! The bitch.

This shall be a week of great promo! And it shall be rewarded as I have decided to run a small competition.

Submit (and use) your best Club Disco Promo Advert [use the "add comment" feature] and win a prize of little value or significance! I might even post it to you....

As you can see by my excellent photochop skills, the standard is cheap and easy - much like Dannii's taste in lascivious lusty lipstick lesbian lapdancers. Gratuitous placing of the DanniiBaps shall of course count heavily in your favour.

keEp voYtiNk aN maK dAni nUmbaR wUn11111iii212

Friday, 25 April 2008

Club Disco - CD Launch!

Central Station Records invite you to celebrate the launch of "Club Disco" at Stonewall on the 3rd of May. It sounds like a classy event befitting our fabulous icon, so I'll definitely be dropping by to check things out. Make sure you come over and say hello. I'll be the drunk poof in the corner making uncouth jokes about "Club Dildo". See you there!

Dannii Minogue - The People's Diva

More stunning promo for Dannii's chart ineligible opus:

SYDNEY'S Kidman clan would do well to take a leaf out of those Melbourne Minogues' book when it comes to dealing with fame.

While the Kidmans are besieged by paparazzi, chased down city streets and their every move monitored, in Melbourne the equally famous Minogues go quietly about their days hardly registering a blip on the celebrity radar.

And don't let anyone tell you it's because Melburnians don't care (the Minogues are considered icons down south, with just about everyone having their own Minogue tale to share).

The family tend to do things with little fuss. Last weekend PS caught up with Dannii Minogue on the set of Australia's Got Talent.

Over a glass of bubbly and chicken sandwiches, the slightly less famous Minogue was refreshingly normal and remarkably candid.

Apart from the well-documented physical transformation she has undergone, not much has changed about the 37-year-old since she first trod the boards on Young Talent Time more than two decades ago.

So, despite the broad nose miraculously disappearing, the even broader Melbourne accent is still there, as are the impeccable manners and all-round niceness this seasoned "hoofer" has become known for. "Oh, thanks, darl," she says when passed a glass of champers.

Minogue has been doing the publicity rounds since arriving back in her hometown. However, unlike other stars (even her own sister) who have journalists corralled into undignified rooms to face demands to see questions before being allowed into the star's suite, Dannii is far more approachable.

At one interview last week, Minogue was due to meet her publicist outside a swanky Melbourne hotel before joining the reporter inside.

A few minutes before the meeting the publicist saw a family station wagon pull up outside the hotel with a familiar face behind the steering wheel - Dannii's mum, Carol Minogue.

Sitting next to Carol was Dannii's granny, while Dannii was in the back seat saying her goodbyes. No limos, no bodyguards and not a single flashbulb.

"It was like watching a soccer mum drop off the kids at the Saturday game … She is totally unaffected," PS's mole reports. And where do Australia's favourite pop divas stay when they are in Melbourne? At home with the folks, of course.

Dannii and Kylie each have bedrooms at Ron and Carol's suburban home, a sizeable McMansion the pop stars bought for their parents and which they privately refer to as "the Taj Minogue".

Read the full article here.

Dannii In Woman's Day

Dannii graced the pages of Woman's Day this week to promote Australia's Got Talent. The interview isn't exactly revealing but Dannii talks about being single, her feud with Sharon Osbourne and answers the obligatory questions about Kylie's cancer. I'm shocked that Dannii failed to slip in a plug for "Club Disco". She's slipping! I particularly love the new AGT promo pics. Dannii is looking seriously trannytastic in her killer red heels!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Club Disco getting RAVE reviews on the Sanity and JB Hi-Fi websites!!!

From the Sanity Website!

The nation's Queen of Dance returns with a new artist album for 2008, featuring the UK Dance Chart #1 'Touch Me Like That', plus the hit singles 'Perfection', 'So Under Pressure' and the LMC edit of 'He's The Greatest Dancer'. Dannii's reign as Queen of the Clubs is undeniable, with 13 UK Club Chart #1's and four top selling albums to her name since 1997.

Club Disco also contains a second disc of hot remixes. $ucce$$ indeed!

The JB Hi-Fi Review:

One of the nation's best loved pop princesses returns with a new artist album for 2008, featuring the UK Dance Chart #1 'Touch Me Like That', plus the hit singles 'Perfection', 'So Under Pressure' and the LMC edit of 'He's The Greatest Dancer'. With a starring role as a guest judge on the new series of Australia's Got Talent on Channel 7, plus guest spots on Dancing With The Stars and guaranteed ongoing media appearances and interest, Dannii's profile has never been stronger and will see huge interest in this release Dannii's reign as the Queen Of Clubs is undeniable, with 13 UK club chart #1s and four top selling albums to her name since 1997 (more than any other female artist in history).

Gr8 Promoz uze guyz!!11!!!!

Here at DDB, we want to make sure Dannii sells more than 10 copies of Club Disco, so I want you all to download some of these craptacular siggies and use them on whatever forums you post on. Spread the word!

Also, don't forget to direct link the image to either SANITY or JB HI-FI. My suggestion is to go with Sanity, as it's $3 more expensive there and Dannii may need the money, I don't really know for sure.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

wot makz a dani ahyatahaaa

It's not easy being a Dannii fan - the endless delays, the string of FLOPS and the fact that going into your local HMV to ask for a copy of her latest single gets you at best a blank look from the bloke behind the counter - though a few have been known to burst into fits of laughter. From those who actually know that the busty beauty has a career outside of being a Sexy Celebrity Sibling, the reaction is pretty much the same - even those who rate Nikki French as a young edgy multiplatinum diva (surely "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" must have sold that much alone given the staggering number of reissues...) mock Dannii fandom!

In the interest of finding out why, I sacrificed my self respect to infiltrate the most heinous of Cults, the Official Dannii Minogue Forum. From mind numbing conversations with the "elite" of Dannii Fandom, The DanDroids (or Droids) and careful spying on the Collective I can exclusively reveal that the world is full of Dannii Haters! The reasons for this can only be fully understood by the most lobotomised of Droids and their self-appointed Queen, the mighty nafensays. Unfortunately, the process has left me a confurmd hayataa and the Droid Police are currently seeking to recover items of importance that I stole for study. I only hope that they do not manage to track this transmission so i may study the items and report on what is so special about this SPayne gwetizt dawnswah singuwl and gR8 pR0mo youze guyz vynwl... I have hijacked Droid "7of9" to send my findings...

dani in da colektiv

*transmission++++ 7of9-2-dhanizduwtybowk++++pozt*

da dani ahtahatz r evrywer

dey iz jelooz ov da zucez ov dani

dey iz jelooz ov da booty dat iz natuwak

sho u da wai 2 go woz a hit coz diz iz zhut woz top wun huwndwed for wekz an chawted hyah dan madoodoo sung i wont u

dani woz famooz fuwst1111

kile da zizta of dani iz a jeloz hayah coz dani woz famoz fuwst

kile sabotagd daniz awbumz

dani iz numbar wun

nafen confurmd1111111111

da hayataz zay dani iz nut da numbar wun coz dey iz jeloz an coz kile iz da fwop

put da newdul on it woz hiya dan cum into mi wurld1111111


if naeefen not cumfumrm den iz not tro

grate pR0mo y0UzE guyz1111 kep votink1111

if u sayz dani iz da fwop den u iz da hayata

if u iz not agwe wit nafen den u iz da hayatah

if u iz lykje ol awound da wurld den u iz da hayaha

if u iz sharun ozborn den u iz da fat ugwy owld jeloz hayata

if u iz not votink 4 dani den u iz da hayata

if u iz byink dani singuwlz or awbumbz b4 da bezt ov da fowum den u iz da hayata even do da fowum iz dunlod iwegawy

if u iz nut sendink da empefweza an da skanz 2 da fowum den u iz da hataha

if u iz not dayink dat luv fite iz a bewst sung 4eva den u iz a hayata1111

nafen wil cunfurm dat u iz da hayata

oh noe i iz ben spotid...

+++transmission ednd+++++

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Ultimate Insult

When I first heard the rumours that "Club Disco" was ineligible to chart in Australia, I thought it was a just another outbreak of irrational Dannii drama but I thought I would check with Central Station just in case. Much to my surprise, the rumours turned out to be true. "Club Disco" won't be appearing on any ARIA chart because her record company has decided not to list the album as chart eligible. I'm not criticising Central Station because I have a feeling this bright idea originated from someone in Dannii's camp but I really can't think of a bigger diss for an artist or their fanbase.

None of the official reasons given are very convincing. Central Station correctly points out that the album is mostly comprised of old tracks. However, if I'm not mistaken, the bonus remix disc was commissioned to address this very problem. They also argue that "Club Disco" has been available for months. That is most certainly true but this is the first time the album has got a physical release anywhere in the world and let's be honest, there have been huge delays with all of Dannii's Central Station output. It also doesn't explain Dannii's current publicity push. Why is she even bothered?

The final reason is actually kind of funny. They claim they don't want to hinder Dannii's chart history if the album flops. The people in charge of Dannii's career have such little faith in her ability to sell records that they would rather spare themselves the embarrassment. How charming! Dannii's album chart history in Australia is as follows:

Dannii - #24
Love & Kisses And... - #98
Get Into You - #53
Girl - #69
The Singles - Did Not Chart
The Remixes - Did Not Chart
Neon Nights - #25
The Hits & Beyond - #67
Unleashed - #165

I really can't imagine how you could possibly tarnish that chart run! We love Dannii, flops and all. Chart disasters simply come with the territory of Dannii fandom. I'm still wholeheartedly excited about getting my hands on a physical copy of "Club Disco" and I hope it's a huge success. I just never thought the day would arrive when Dannii's camp is happy to relegate her album to the rubbish tip of music history before it is even released.

A Dannii's Dirty Box Pictorial Exclusive!

So tonight was our Dannii's performance on "It Takes Two", and yours truly, along with some other random fans, including some fans of DDB, headed on down to the studios in South Melbourne to see Dannii and get some photos.

Nathan was at the studios as well and I do have to admit I adore his accent! I'm a sucker for different accents, however I think I should stop there as I know Mike will kill me if I say anything too positive about Nathan! I'll just say I got a photo though and I feel like I've met royalty!

Dannii came out more than an hour after the show finished. I assume she was probably either hitting the booze backstage or she was doing some promo for Australia's Got Talent which starts next week.

Here are some of the pics I snapped while seeing Dannii after the show!

Dannii Enthralls The Nation

Dannii stunned Australia this evening with an electrifying rendition of "Xanadu" on the grand finale of channel 7's "It Takes Two". Everything about the performance was perfect. Dannii looked absolutely amazing, wearing a gravity defying silver dressed - split all the way up to her ladybits with a plunging neckline that proudly displayed her beloved baps. As hard as it was to tear my eyes away from this ravishing goddess for even a second, I did manage to notice that her rollerskate wearing dancers also looked rather fabulous in their camp costumes. From the moment Dannii appeared on stage, I was completely blown away by her blinding charisma and otherworldly vocal ability. The rumour about Dannii performing an uptempo version of "Xanadu" turned out to be true. Some fans were hoping for the album version but a 5 minute chill out interpretation of "Xanadu" just wouldn't work on a camp show like "It Takes Two". It's always a treat to see her perform live and tonight was vintage Minogue. Dannii's vocal delivery was as entrancing as ever and like her sister, Dannii is one of the last great showgirls. She doesn't have the strongest pipes in pop but she more than makes up for it with her stagecraft, dazzling beauty and unparalleled fabulousness. Check it out below!

Monday, 21 April 2008


For all you fabulous Aussies who frequent DDB, a friendly reminder that Dannii's Baps will be gracing Australian television screens tonight as our icon performs a camptastic version of Livvy's "Xanadu"!

I, personally, am still somewhat shitty that Dannii has decided to camp up her version of "Xanadu". I seriously doubt anything could be more camp than the original- unless Olivia herself makes a cameo via a big screen TV and does a duet via satelitte from the Great Wall of China. It would be just like Pricilla! YAY!

Anyway, back to the seriousness of Dannii performing on TV tonight. Make sure you all tune into channel 7 from 7:30 onwards to see Dannii performing live, along with Human Nature and the final battle between Russell Robertson/Kate Ceberano vs Julia Morris/David Hobson.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Ultimate Fan Video!

If you need further proof that Dannii is indeed a global icon, simply check out the amazing fan video posted above! The clip stars Victor, a Dannii's Dirty Box regular from Brazil, who took it upon himself to lovingly recreate Dannii's legendary "I Can't Sleep At Night" video. The result is, well, memorable to say the least! I admire Victor's enthusiasm for Dannii and the passion with which he has thrown himself into the role. I'm also endlessly amused by the fact that he appears to be masturbating off screen at one point. This is one classy viewing experience! Victor, we salute you.

Club Dildo Storming The Pre-Order Charts!

The charts are often a cruel place for our Dannii, but today I was pleasantly surprised to see Club Dildo soaring up the eil.com sales chart; beaten only by Bitch Sister and that withered old husk Madonna! It would appear that impatient Droids the world over are flooding the eil orders department, but at that price they can piss off as far as I'm concerned. If you are looking for a more reasonable price, I suggest you head to JBHiFi, who are selling the album for A$21.99 (with P&P that comes to about £15 for UK customers).

Saturday, 19 April 2008

A Different Side Of Dannii

Since peeling back the flaps of Dannii's Dirty Box in mid 2007, I've spent a reasonable amount of time taking the piss out of our glorious icon. None of it has been mean spirited but Dannii lends herself to a certain amount of ridicule with her endless "fan releases", media scandals and busy holiday schedule. As much as I love Dannii drama (it's more addictive than heroin!), perhaps I don't write enough about the caring and giving woman who devotes much of her non-holiday time to helping AIDS and cancer charities. A perfect example is Dannii's current trek along the Great Wall to raise money for a cancer centre in Melbourne. Not only is Dannii hauling her fabulous baps across the Chinese countryside, she's allowing us to gain a wonderful insight into her heart and mind through her touching diary entries. Behind Dannii's mask of breathtaking fabulousness lies a compassionate and down to earth human being. I've lost family and friends to cancer and I just wanted to express how much I admire and respect Dannii for participating in this event. My Dirty Box colleagues feel the same way and want to convey what Dannii's charity walk means to them. Tommie previously touched on his personal connection to this topic in an earlier post.

Aside from the fact that Dannii has got off her arse and actually done something - despite risking a black eye due to the DanniiBaps bounciness, I am so proud of Dannii for taking this challenge to support such a worthy cause.

Kylie's illness will have had a devastating effect on Dannii as well - because that is what happens when a loved one gets diagnosed. Too hear someones muffled screams of pain (muffled because they are biting the pillow they have shoved their head in and run to the furthest corner of the house and locked the door so that noone else can hear) as cancer ravages their insides is not pleasant - and what makes it worse is you know you can do nothing to help stop the pain. Anyone who has a relative, a friend, a partner who has had cancer will understand how harrowing a time it was for Dannii and the rest of her family - and know why So Under Pressure is so powerful a song.

Dannii did all she could to support her sister and now by doing this walk, she can not only help many more sufferers of cancer but their families, friends and loved ones as well.

Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way or another. I'm so proud of Dannii for getting involved and taking time out from her busy schedule to participate in such an amazing fundraising event that in the end will benefit thousands of people every year.

Dannii's walk through the wilds of China is a perfect example of the fact that her heart matches, if not surpasses, the beauty for which she is so famed. Cancer is not something any of us should ever take lightly, and if caring Dannii raises even a cent towards research that could potentially save just one life, then that is a remarkable thing. What some people may not realise, Dannii's walk also serves another charitable purpose: her mere presence in that land is a beacon of light and hope to those impoverished people who are oppressed by their government. Dannii is a symbol that things can get better.

On a lighter note, it is delightful that Dannii felt the need to reveal her 'before walk' weight on her blog. Only stunning Dannii could combine the tasks of saving lives and weight loss. Fingers crossed you drop those pounds girlfriend!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Dannii's Great Wall Diary - Day 4

We start the day with a 5 hour bus journey to Dun Huang City. Our bus stops in a lay way to set up our on-the-road toilet, nicknamed, "The Throne"! We step out of the bus, the sun is blazing down heat, and my feet are a metre away from a trail of human feaces! It is explained to us by our local guide that this is normal in China. The side of the road is an open toilet. Men use the left of the highway, and women use the right. Right!

We arrived in Dun Huang and I am happy to see some colour and green. Our eyes have been starved of colour, and it feels as though we have just stepped from an old Hollywood black and white Western film in to a 3-D Bollywood film. There is a fanfare for our arrival - pretty young dancers with full performance make up, all dressed in spangly bright costumes - pink, yellow and blue.

We are served a Chinese feast for lunch. The tables are covered in plates heaving with steaming food. I eat one unidentified dish…I must be getting brave. It is like blocks of clear jelly. I am told after it has pork rind in it. For a Vegetarian of 23 years I should be close to vomiting, but I couldn't taste or smell it, so I decide it was just a noodle.

We have a gentle stroll today, an excursion to the Mogao Grottoes. These are hand dug caves in the side of a mountain with sand dunes in the distant that look so perfect my mind tells me they must be a painted backdrop at the London Opera. We visit three of the larger caves - all with Buddha paintings and statues. I am sad to say there were no photos allowed, as it is one of the most breath taking sites I have ever seen. When we step inside, it is dark and freezing cold (Ancient Air Con!). We stand at the feet of one Buddha, 113 feet high. The surrounding walls and ceilings are decorated with thousands of intricate individual drawings of Buddha that pattern around like tiles. This has been a place of contemplation for centuries. Buddhist Monks used to live here and famous artists made these Deities to inspire and span 10 Dynasties, last through wars and even a few earthquakes. I feel small, humbled and while processing why I am here, the word 'acceptance' repeats in my head.

On returning to the hotel I am moved by what I have seen and tears of sorrow stream down my face, for the ones I have lost to Cancer. Three friends - one was my best friend. We were sitting around chatting one day when she noticed she had a pain like a Kidney infection. The following day she was taken to hospital. I sat by her side for three months watching the devastation of Cancer take over. We went through the horrific diagnosis that she was not going to survive. 36 years old, my friend was never to leave that hospital. In the most serene organised way, she planned her funeral and gave family and friends specific details to take care of. All I could do was rub her feet and look into her eyes and try to be brave. Six months after her passing I find myself with all her loved ones on a beach to scatter her ashes into the sea, as requested. There is nothing that can take your breath away more than holding ashes of your dear young lost friend in your hand, and un-curling finger by finger until they float away in the tide. I was numb all over.

This was just over a year ago - and I am now here, in Central China, crying and trying to 'accept' this personal devastation. Most of the walkers on this trip have no idea what I had been through, and suspect I am walking since my experience of my sister's breast cancer. I wish that was the only reason. With one friend surviving Leukaemia, 4 surviving cancer, three friends lost to cancer and two currently being treated for cancer, the numbers are staggering.

Please please please help me raise money to find a cure for this illness that is plaguing our lives. I don't want to live with it, and I don't want to fight it - just find a cure and move forward to a time when it will no longer be a part of our world.

With love that stretches farther than the Great Wall is long
Thanks for taking this journey with me
Love and Kisses
Dannii x

WEIGH IN: 46.5

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Dannii's Great Wall Diary: Day 3

Weigh In: 46.5kg

Today we trek through the Gobi Desert. The sun is hot and a cold wind whips at us from one side. Sunscreen is a must, as the rays sneak on to our skin without us feeling them; the wind has a way of gently numbing any exposed areas.

Report of the Day: The Great Wall is not so great! Well at least not this stretch, which had fallen down in many sections, and in others looked like a sand dune. I manage to climb to the top and walk like I used to as a kid along the top of a wall. I could see for miles. I felt happy and on top of the world.

There is no other way to describe today, but a long trek through the desert. The sand is as fine as dust so most walkers wear surgical masks to stop inhaling and swallowing it. We looked like a trek group that is in fancy dress code

Theme: Nurses.

Half way through the 12kms, a train track runs over the wall. It looks strong and shiny new. We check the line is free of oncoming trains and a few of us proceed to do a photo shoot lying on the track. It is just so tempting to lie across the tracks - like a kind of Vertigo. So stupid, but you just can't help yourself!

I show Olivia my Aussie Flag and we take it for a run. The surroundings are so barren and without colour, that the flag is a feast to our eyes.

Even though Olivia is sick with the flu, she takes every step with us. This wonderful lady has the strongest will power and I see her fight on, even when she is struggling.

We see just three signs of native life the whole way. A small lizard that we play with as we are so amused that anything is able to survive out here; a small animal skull, and a dead snake! This place is tough!

I have a long chat with Scott, one of our Cancer survivors. He is always at the front of the pack, so we walk and talk. A firefighter who had two brushes with Cancer.

One so strong he was administered 'fatal doses' of Chemo. He recounts his story of telling the doctors to do whatever they had to, as he had a wife and kids to look after - and he wasn't ready to go just yet! I ask if he misses his family? This big strong man made of muscle and a steel determination bursts into tears.

All I can do is hug him. "This is my first trip outside of Australia", he says, "I miss my family. My wife has been my rock and my kids gave me a reason to survive". I find out later that day when I speak to his lovely wife on the phone that she had lost her father and brother to Cancer prior to Scott's Cancer. My heart sinks - and that is why we are here. To raise money for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre.

With calf muscles as tight as rocks, I hobble to bed, as another big day lies ahead

ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz Good Night

Hugs and Chopsticks from China

Dannii x

PS. please sponsor our steps - whatever you can do will make a difference around the globe

For more information, you can visit www.greatwalktobeijing.com

Tommie's Conspiracy Corner

We here at Dannii's Dirty Box firmly believe that Dannii has been robbed of several platinum awards. A recently conducted poll shows that 2 out of 3 people would rather buy a Dannii Minogue album than get stabbed, yet our busty beauty gets no sales! We here at Dannii's Box suspect foul play! But who would want to sabbotage for our long suffering heroine?

Kylie did it.
Obviously, the prime suspect is Dannii's much older sister. From writing the sub-par "Love Traffic", a tribute to Dannii's glorious vagina, to getting cancer, this old bag can't stop sabotaging her more talented sister! We at the Box love Dannii's ugly sister, but isn't it time she stopped being so damn jealous of her sister's stunning $ucce$$?

Beyoncé did it.
In the early 90s Beyoncé formed the group Destiny's Child. In 1993 Dannii released her stunning mega-flop "Get Into You". Coincidence? We think not! Beyoncé was obviously threathened when she heard Dannii's edgy urban sound on 1991's "Love & Kisses" album and decided to weavelash all copies out of rotation! We have no problem with her murdering the careers of Kelly Rowland and Amerie but she needs to back the fuck off Dannii's!

The airlines did it.
Dannii's love for holidays is known worldwide, so no wonder that it's in the airlines best interest not to lose their best customer. Proof? Well, have you ever been offered to buy a Dannii album while flying? We haven't! They're all obviously haters that needs to get a life!

Terry Ronald did it.
Terry (or "Tezza", as he likes to be called) has been invovled in some of the best Dannii productions, but we here at the Box suspect that "Tezza" has been up to no good! Why? Isn't it clear that if Dannii hit the big-time she would hire better and more famous producers? We're on to you Tezza!

The D-Files are far from closed, but these are the most obvious suspects! I hope the listed Dannii haters get a life after this shocking revelation and allow Dannii to reach a higher peak than #48 next time she decides to get off her ass to put a vocal on another amazing club instrumental!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Dannii's Diary: Day 2

First day of walking and I am faced with a vertiginous climb. Wow! Have I done my training for this – sure!!!! I wore in my trekking boots by putting them on while I typed some emails at home the night before I left Melbourne, and I did a few climbs 2 weeks ago in Los Angeles – yup...I’m nervous!

This is the mountainous part of the Great Wall, where it sits between the Black Mountains and the Qilian snow capped mountains. It is a few kilometers up to the highest Northern viewing point then a 9km descent to the Jiayuguan Pass and Fortress. As you can see we are amazed to be here and stop to capture it on loads of "happy snaps" – or breathing stops! The air is very thin and the altitude is making my heart best like a caged Tyrannosaurus.

AJ and I are comparing our "weigh ins" for the day – everyone is expecting to lose weight on this trip, but as a late comer to the event, I’m told that none of the others have so far; even with the long days of climbing, and unusual meals that are sometimes not at all appetizing. Adam has brought me up to speed with his story of being the Real Aussie GAY Cowboy, and I tell him, it doesn’t get any gayer than taking a stroll with Olivia and me singing Xanadu!

Walking through the fortress we stop for some arrow shooting – I split when I saw Johanna Griggs giving Kieren Perkins advice, as she was laughing out the side of her mouth, as I was standing right behind them. I am amazed at the amount of time Olivia manages to spend with all of sponsored walkers – she absolutely loves to see we are all okay and loves to catch up on giggles and heart felt moments. She is always there with the biggest hug.

As we are in the desert, any form of vanity has gone out the window – dust masks are needed for long treks across the desert plains – on returning to the hotel, I can report that we are covered in it, and I confess to finding dust in every orifice – and that is not a nice feeling! The water that we shower in has a brown colour, and so getting clean is done as quickly as possible.

Tip of the day: do not drink any tap water. It is wise to make sure none gets swallowed in the shower too!

Weigh in: 47.2 kilos

Pedometer says we have done 16.05 kms today!!!!! Having dodged Donkey, Lamb and something that looked like Chicken-ish, at our Mongolian Feast last night – I take my vegetarian taste buds to the buffet in the hotel and knock back some red wines with the gang.
My feet are now in my Ugg boots and I’m feeling fine! Dim Sum and hugs from Disco Dannii in China x

Dannii's Photo Album from the Herald Sun!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

DanniiWalk - Update

Stunning new photos of Dannii in action have appeared!

And my favourite:

Though Dannii has yet to update her blog, she appears to have updated her outfit three times on day one alone!