Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Dannii - In Hot Demand!

I was stunned to find a relatively positive article about Dannii in today's "Sydney Confidential" - a newspaper column which has been more than a little unkind to Holidannii in the past. Hopefully, the fat trollops have finally seen the light and opened their hearts to Minogue Jr. The article itself is quite interesting. It seems Channel 7 are desperate to retain Dannii's glamorous presence for the second series of "Australia's Got Talent", even if it means working around "X factor". The network have obviously realised that the nation was only tuning in to see one person - and it wasn't the skanky 10 year old who won the grand prize. My only concern is how Dannii would cope with having not one but two jobs! When would she find the time for her traditional bi-monthly holiday?

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