Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Dannii Reveals All

Will the unprecedented promotion of "Touch Me Like That" in Australia never end? After ringing around a couple of radio stations last week, Dannii has now granted an interview to the Australian dance music website Inthemix. Check it out here. The article is a great read, concentrating on Dannii's music instead of the usual "How does it feel to live in Kylie's shadow?" crap. It's interesting to learn how "Touch Me Like That" originated and I loved reading about Dannii's clubbing habits in Ibiza. The interview also confirms that "Club Disco" will get a physical release in Australia and contains possibly the best Dannii quote I've ever read. When asked what the future holds, Dannii replies:

My ambition is to spread happiness around the globe in the highest stacked, most gorgeous heels I can find.


A special thanks to Natty for the fabulous picture.


tommie said...

Dannii is so humble. Despite ascending to a God-like status she still cares for the regular homo! I wish everyone was as amazing as Dannii.

Mike said...

We should nominate Dannii for the Nobel peace prize. Her message of good will and stylish stilettos gives hope to drag queens and fag hags around the world!

Natty said...

I've made it on DDD! *crazy*

undisco_me said...

Are her boobs so huge they are actually triple D's?

Dannii: "Is this treadmill triple-D friendly?"

Personal Trainer: "Try swimming instead, Dannii. Does Kylie like swimming?"

D: "Shut up about Kylie already, her name is kangaroo shit to me. Does the swimming pool have sun-loungers and fit girls to look at whilst getting my vibe on?"

PT: "er... yeah.."

D: "Strewth, I'm exhausted - carry my to this 'swimming' facility before I pass out"

Me said...

I hope you are going to be doing the Dannii Quiz on FLOPpop! It should be added any day now...

Mike said...

LOL at Dannii's training session!

I don't know, Jay. I'm a bit over FLOPpop. All those Cunts Aloud fans annoy the fuck out of me. Tell me the some of your Dannii questions and I'll post them here for people to answer!