Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A Rock Tribute To Dannii

The universal love of Dannii truly knows no boundaries. Who could have guessed that our beloved icon of fabulousness would inspire an indie rock group to the extent that they would record a song in her honour? I don't know much about The Affected, apart from the fact that they were a three piece band from Melbourne and broke up in the mid-90s. This kind of music is not exactly my cup of tea but "Dannii" is strangely enjoyable, mostly due to the stunning lyrics such as "Dannii's like a neutral zone" and something filthy about tasting "the butter between her thighs". As if Dannii would be interested in such outrageous behaviour!

Download - Dannii

You can purchase The Affected's "Dannii EP" as well as their two full length albums from iTunes.

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Aline said...

I can't understand the lyrics