Monday, 9 June 2008

Kylie's Shocking Revelation!

Kylie stunned fans at her Madrid concert by finally admitting what we have all suspected for the past 20 years - that Dannii is indeed superior! The catalyst for Kylie's stunning revelation was a simple t-shirt with the truthful slogan "Dannii Does It Better" (below). Kylie acknowledges the brave Dannii droid (who was probably brutally murdered by enraged Kylie fans after the show) and agrees with his message! The historical moment was caught on film (at approximately 1:30 minutes), so you can re-live it time and time again. Dannii's bid for global superstardom is gathering more steam by the minute!

The holy t-shirt


Peibols said...

Kylie never lies.
So, if she said Dannii does it better it's totally true.

We know it.

The Dannii droid wasn't murdered, but he can't walk whit 2 legs anymore.
Poor guy.

Tony Tornado said...

We were shocked by this revelation!

Finally , the truth has come to light!!!!

When the people heard Kylie saying this, everybody went just berserk.

You know, here in Spain we love Dannii and her frequent visits to Ibiza...


boy toy said...

Finally. =]

undisco_me said...

I loved how she kept repeating that "...hola" soundbite she obviously learned 5 minutes before chaffing on stage.

Did Kylie not realise she was actually gatecrashing one of Dannii's lesbian orgies and it wasn't an audience for her "concert" at all?

Anonymous said...

Does It


It's a sign!!