Monday, 27 August 2007

Dannii's Lesbian Antics - Out Of Control!

Dannii's insatiable lust for hot lesbian action is out of control! If The News Of The World's interview with Dannii's gal pal, Janine, wasn't explosive enough another stripper, Kelly Simpson, exclusively tells Daily Star about a "lesbian sex show" she put on for horny Dannii!

Highlights from the stunning interview include this excerpt:

The meeting with raunchy Kelly came when Dannii visited The Number 10s Club in Cardiff with three girlfriends. “I was at the bar in a black baby doll nightie, a black thong and tie-ups when in walked this beautiful woman. “She beckoned me over and said in a very low voice ‘Would you dance for me?’

“As I started, she ran her eyes up and down my body all the time. I could see she was enjoying this so then I started to take off my top and expose my boobs. “There is a club rule that you must not show your bottom half naked but I was able to twist and tease my thong suggestively. She liked that.” Kelly then changed into an eye-popping yellow bikini, went back into the bar – and Dannii again beckoned her.

Read the complete article here!


BruDé said...

Hoooooooooooooot !!!! The more they talk about Dannii, the more she will sell albums !

Trash Addict said...

I agree! All the wait has been worth it. If Dannii continues with her lesbian scandals, she will be bigger than Kylie in no time!

tommie said...

Now all Dannii has to do is hook-up with some celeb lesbian - is Portia De Rossi free? Either way, I'm sure she'd rather have Dannii's rug any day, anyhow!

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