Thursday, 30 August 2007

Holidannii Strikes Back - X Factor In Ibiza!

Sometimes Dannii is too fabulous for words. Never one to miss an opportunity to mix business with a bit of pleasure, Dannii has taken her X Factor contestants to Ibiza! While other judges took their contestants to show business hubs like Los Angeles and Dublin, Dannii dragged her charges to the beach. I give Dannii five minutes before she's in a steamy bikini, burning up the dancefloor in a gay nightclub. Dannii is bliss!

DISHY Dannii Minogue is off to party island Ibiza next week with her favourites from The X Factor.

The sexy singer wants the wannabes to let their hair down and relax after weeks of gruelling workshops and tense auditions. But The X Factor judge says the party in the sun will not last long.

Delicious Dannii, 35, is taking her six favourite acts from the ITV show to a villa on the island where they will have to face Judgment Day. She must make the heartbreaking decision of choosing which three to keep for the final and which three to dump.

Dannii, who has scored hits with Jump To The Beat, Put The Needle On It and This Is It, admits it will be a hard decision because she has bonded with the singers in recent weeks. But she only wants the “best of the best” because she would love to win the show.

She said: “I’m thrilled to be going to Ibiza for The X Factor. But it’s going to be tough. The perfect star is unique. Talent, personality and a desire to be the next winner are the key ingredients. If we don’t find a talent as big as last year’s winner Leona, then we’ve failed. When it comes to mentoring the acts, the gloves will be off. I’d love to win. Just because I’m the new girl, I won’t be a pushover.”

Kylie’s little sister is not the only judge who has to make their mind up next week. All four panellists on the show have now been given their categories which they will be mentoring this year.

They are: 14-24 boys; 14-24 girls; the over 25s and the groups. The judges have picked their six favourites in each category but now must choose who to keep. Simon Cowell, 47, has flown his acts to Marbella in Spain, Sharon Osbourne, 54, has taken her wannabes to Los Angeles and Louis Walsh, 55, is jetting his contestants to Dublin.

The final 12, which will comprise three from each of the four categories, will then head for the live Saturday night shows hosted by Dermot O’Leary, 34. Each Saturday they will have to perform live in the studio and viewers will vote for their favourites, with one act being booted off every week.

The final will take place in December, with three acts battling it out for a £1million record deal and the chance to compete for the Christmas No 1. Dannii faces some tough competition in her battle to be victor. Cowell has won two out of the three X Factors with Steve Brookstein, 38, and Leona Lewis, 22, while Louis Walsh has won one with Shayne Ward, 22.

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Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

Fabulous! HolliDannii strikes again!

I bet she banned them all from taking video cameras incase she decided to indulge in some steamy sizzling sapphic action with a saucy stripper.....

Trash Addict said...

Women of Ibiza watch out - Dirty Dannii is on the prowl! The Daily Star can even use that as their next headline!