Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Dannii On Dancing With The Stars!

Dannii performed on Channel 7's hugely popular "Dancing With The Stars" last night and our heavenly diva reinforced her standing as a true pop legend with an absolutely stunning performance of "He's The Greatest Dancer". You can watch Dannii's magnificent performance above.

Dirty, old Daryl's introduction was hilarious. He desperately held onto her single and announced that Dannii "has had so many #1 hits, it's unbelievable"! Unfortunately, this moment has been edited from the youtube clip. Dannii then appeared on a staircase wearing a slutastic green dress, split right up the middle, so you could basically see everything but her lady bits. The matching silver bra and necklace look amazing and Dannii actually sang live. I think Dannii gives a fantastic vocal performance. I also loved her male dancers but Dannii doesn't do much dancing herself, preferring to spin around so her dress would fly up!

My favourite part was the interview at the end, when Daryl told her that he expected "He's The Greatest Dancer" to hit #1 because she's had so many hits. The look on poor Dannii's face was priceless. Dannii then showed off her stunning wit and intelligence by talking about ballroom dancing and her role as the reigning Queen of dance.

Make sure to order your copy of "He's The Greatest Dancer" from Chaos, Sanity or iTunes. Due to distribution problems, the single is rather difficult to find in stores. I hope it doesn't affect Dannii's chart placing too greatly.


BruDé said...

here is the interview :)


I loved that performance. She's a true star !!!!

Trash Addict said...

Thanks Brude! Dannii is too fabulous for words!

Jess Nukem said...

The performance made me want a mint cookie. :D

Miss Halliwell said...

Oh lord! Fabulous...BUT, can Dan & Kylie STOP botoxing themselves? I HATE botox. The lack of lines on a forehead is so abnormal!

I don't want Dannii looking like Joan Rivers!