Tuesday, 3 April 2007

This Is The Way - B Sides

"This Is The Way" is one of my favourite Dannii singles. Along with "This Is It", the song is one of the rare pure pop moments on Dannii's otherwise R'n'B heavy "Get Into You". The single is also interesting due to the plethora of cute, bubblegum remixes and the presence of a rather rare B-side, "No Secret". As far as I know, "No Secret" is the only "Get Into You" B-side available on CD. The cassette single of "This Is It" contains a song called "It's Time To Move On" but I have no idea how to rip an MP3 from a cassette.

"No Secret" is a pretty average slice of R'n'B Dannii but it's still a lot of fun. I'm sure a Full Force remix would work wonders for the song. I've also include the extremely entertaining Funk and 5 Boys Mixes of "This Is The Way". Dannii returns to television this week after a short hiatus, so expect an "Australia's Got Talent" update early next week.

Download - No Secret
Download - This Is The Way (5 Boys Mix)
Download - This Is The Way (Funk Mix)

In case anyone is interested, I have written a post about Dannii's fabulous AATW rival, Kelly Llorenna, on my other Blog.


Aline said...

This is the way is sooo amazing I hear it everyday! Thank you very much for the files!

Miss Halliwell said...

I get quite moist over Tonights Temptation from that album...and i adore Until We Meet Again. Get Into You is a very good album and i remember Lucky Tonight was supposed to be a single and some remixes were comissioned. Ya know anything about them? Get big sexy Tezza on the line and find out!

I hope Dannii has witnessed your delving into her box and gives you the highest honour possible : Dannii's Tight Washer (bet the gussets are a minefield of famous male jizz!)...

Miss H
(last years temptation!)

Trash Addict said...

I hope that Dannii knows and approves of me fiddling around in her box but I think she is too bust planning her next 10 or 20 holidays to notice. I live in hope!


SEMii said...

love it!
also, she looks amazingly sexii on that cover!

Anonymous said...

I Heard the track "Its time to move on" once,and really liked it. Where can i download it for free.

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