Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Dannii Vs Melissa

I love it when two fabulous divas cover the same song, particularly when one of those divas is Dannii and the other is the legendary Melissa Tkautz! Sexy Melissa took some time out from her role as the spokeswoman for premature ejaculation medication to make a brief musical comeback a couple of years ago with a truly brilliant cover of Sheila E's "The Glamorous Life". I had no idea until recently that Dannii had performed the song on Young Talent Time 20 years before Melissa made the song her own! This is one of Dannii's finest YTT performances - the outfits are exquisite and Dannii sounds just as sexual as Melissa!

Melissa - almost as glamorous as Dannii!


Robpop said...

The Dannii YTT "Tapes" need to be put onto CD somehow. There's probably volumes of glorious 80's interpretations of hit singles by Dannii just waiting to be unleashed. Fuck her & her recent "Re-releases". Fans should be reaching back and demanding that her earlier work be released. Who wants a boring instrumental of Everything I Wanted. Thats everything i don't want.

Trash Addict said...

Oh I want it all. I'm happy to get the remixes, instrumentals and demos. I'd also kill, fuck and maim for all of Dannii's YTT performances on CD!!