Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Sue Carroll Is An Evil CUNT!!

How could anyone describe a natural beauty like Dannii as a monster? It's hard to believe but one bitter English journalist did just that! Sue Carroll is obviously an old battleaxe with an arse the size of Texas. It's the only possible explanation for this hateful and stunningly inaccurate "article" on sweet Dannii in yesterday's Daily Mirror.

X Factor's Dannii Minogue has described the pushy mothers who force children into stardom as, as "Mumzillas", following their kids around with boxes of make-up and sequins. Right.

So what's the name for sisters who, despite no discernible talent for singing or acting, lurk in the shadow of their older sibling and are so desperate for the spotlight to fall on them they have their bodies rebuilt by medical science with monstrous results?

Frankensisters, perhaps?

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