Sunday, 2 September 2007

Bitter Sharon Has Knives Out For Dannii

The News Of The World has published a stunning expose on Sharon Osbourne's nasty behaviour towards her fellow judges. Vengeful Sharon is described as being completely out of control and Dannii appears to be one of bitter Sharon's main targets due to her youth and irresistible beauty. The full article can be read here.

Bigmouth Sharon—who started her showbiz career as assistant to her rock mogul dad Don Arden —returned to ITV with Simon, Louis Walsh and new judge Dannii Minogue for the fourth series of X Factor last month. But quietly spoken David believes this will be Sharon's last, as Dannii steals her limelight.

"Sharon will hate Dannii," he said. "She's always had a problem with women who are better-looking than her. Already Dannii's stolen Sharon's thunder and the talking points have centred around the new girl and the return of Louis. Sharon is nowhere to be seen. Even on the official PR photos she's been shoved to the back. That will annoy her extremely.

"Based on past history and 50 years of living with Sharon I know she'll want Dannii out. She's had every good-looking woman working around her sacked within, max, three months. Even when Sharon was working as a telephonist at her father's Jet Records company in the 70s she made sure any hot young thing was gone within days.

"Even at school she always hung around with plainer girls to make herself look better. She always wants to be Queen Bee and won't let anything stand in her way. But now Dannii's been such a hit it makes it easier for Sharon to be dropped. Simon must be aware of her feelings and what happened with Ben last time around. Sharon's days are numbered. And it's all down to her own appalling behaviour."


Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

I pity any girl that was "plainer" than thje pre-surgery rancid slapper Haggard Osbourne...

Trash Addict said...

Sharon is so cruel to poor Dannii. It's not Dannii's fault that she's beautiful and talented - unlike the old tranny hag!