Thursday, 20 September 2007

Dannii's Club Disco - Released 18 October!

The flood of new Dannii material continues unabated with the announcement that AATW Records will release "Club Disco" on the 18th October. That makes 4 album releases and a new DVD in the space of a month! Things are starting to get a bit confusing, so here is quick rundown of the upcoming Dannii goodness:

"Neon Nights (Deluxe Edition)" - released 15/10/07
"Girl (Deluxe Edition)" - released 15/10/07
"Club Disco" - released 18/10/07
"Unleashed" - released 29/10/07
"The Complete Collection DVD" - released 29/10/07

The DVD collection and the re-releases are pretty self-evident. The difference between "Unleashed" and "Club Disco" might need some further explanation. "Unleashed" will contain tracks from Dannii's scrapped 2004 album for London Records. I'm guessing it will have a pretty similar tracklist to The Platinum Collection - Dannii's scrapped compilation of B-sides and rarities. According to Dannii's omnipresent Webmaster, "Unleashed" contains 10 previously unreleased tracks. I have my fingers crossed that the deliciously titled "Karma Is A Bitch" will finally see the light of day. I'm also hoping to hear Dannii's collaboration with Pascal Gabriel, "No Romeo". Pascal is the man behind one of my favourite Kylie tracks - the magnificent "Tightrope"!

"Club Disco", on the other hand, will showcase songs from Dannii's 2006 album with AATW - the album that was eventually passed over in favour of "The Hits & Beyond". Expect to find the new tracks from that compilation (the "Beyond" songs) as well as the B-sides and 5 previously unreleased tracks. The most exciting prospect is the possibility of "Club Disco" containing Dannii's cover of "Xanadu" and her collaboration with Roger Sanchez, "Do You Believe Me Now?". That might be the reason for Dannii recent cameo appearance at one of Roger's gigs! These songs are expected to appear on the album but are, as yet, unconfirmed:

So Under Pressure
Do You Believe Me Now?
Love Fight
I Can't Sleep At Night
Good Times
I've Been Waiting For You Extended Mix
Feel Like I Do
He's The Greatest Dancer

Sadly, "Club Disco" will be a download only release. Make sure to keep an eye on iTunes and 7Digital closer to the release date of 18 October. Finally, a big thank you to Magical Froggy for his amazing "Club Disco" cover. Peace out, bitches!


tommie said...

Haha, I love the cover!

Although, I still think it should've been called Club Puss In Boots...

Trash Addict said...

Magical Froggy's cover is bliss! AATW should use it! I agree about the name. "Club Disco" reminds me of that shiteous Dannii site.

Magical Froggy said...

Glad you like the picture! Think I could have done a better job of integrating Dannii into the picture, but nevermind! :P

Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

They should have stuck to the original title Heavy Disco

Trash Addict said...

The cover is bliss. I even like Dannii's scary blurred feet!

"Heavy Disco" is way better but I think "Dannii's Dirty Box - The Musical" is even more appropriate!