Monday, 22 October 2007

Barren Dannii And Her Spinster Sister

Dannii's show stopping appearance at the premiere of "White Diamond" featured prominently in the Australian press this week. Both sisters look absolutely stunning in the above picture (from New Idea), however check out Kylie's grimace in the picture below (from Woman's Day). She's obviously just realised that all eyes were on delicious Dannii! The blurb is also pretty interesting. It appears that Dannii is looking into adoption. I'm told it's all the rage in the lesbian community.


Simon. said...

Ok, I love Kylie, but I'm so sick of her current image. She's William Baker's puppet - All the styles, dresses and ugly outfits she's wearing now, are because of him.

I'm so team Dannii now. <3

Mike said...

I feel sorry for poor, brave Kylie. She must be so jealous of Dannii's ravishing beauty and stunning vocal talent. I'm sure "X" will be great.