Friday, 5 October 2007

The Unleashed Tracklisting

The tracklisting for Dannii's "Unleashed" compilation has just appeared on and it's even more fabulous than I had hoped for. The authenticity of the tracklisting is yet to be confirmed by Dannii's camp but is usually reliable. I'm so excited by the song selection, I'm not even going to mention the trashy cover! I've commented on each track below:

1. All I Wanna Do (Innocent Girl Mix)

A scrappped remix. It's hard to fuck up something as brilliant as "All I Wanna Do", so this should be worth a listen.

2. Blame It On The Music

I'm really excited about this! Written and produced by Roger Sanchez, "Blame It On The Boogie" promises to be a classic dance anthem.

3. Spend Your Love On Me

Maybe this list is fake. I always thought this song was a "Hits & Beyond" reject. I love the title - I bet it was inspired by Dannii's adventures with strippers! Written by Hugo Lira/Dannii Minogue/Negin/Thomas Elustafsson.

4. Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling (Jules & Stone 7" Mix)

I'm pretty sure they mean Jewels & Stone. If that's the case, expect this to sound wonderfully cheap!

5. Going Going Gone

I can't find any information on this title. I suspect it's about Kylie's looks or Dannii's dignity.

6. Healing On The Dancefloor

I'm sure I've heard this mentioned somewhere before but I can't find any details. I love the title!

7. Fear Of Flying

At one stage this was considered as a single and was announced as such by Dannii's webmaster. Needless to say, it never happened. Written by Henrik Korpi/Mathias Johansson/Dannii Minogue/Negin - three quarters of the team behind "Put The Needle On It" - this should be hot shit!

8. Everything I Wanted (Metro 7-Inch Mix)

I hate the original version and the Metro doesn't improve on it. Tat.

9. Karma Is A Bitch

The title is divine. This was originally scheduled to be part of Dannii's "Platinum Collection", I'm glad it's finally going to see the light of day.

10. No Romeo

One of the songs I'm most looking forward to. Written by Pascal Gabriel, the man behind my favourite Kylie song ("Tightrope"), this should be a corker. It's another song that was considered for a single release at one time but never saw the light of day. Apparently Dannii wasn't happy with the mix - obviously, it's good enough for "Unleashed"!

11. Hide And Seek (Thriller Jill Original Radio Mix)

One of Dannii's more unusual B-sides. I'll be interested to hear what they do with the remix.

12. Hurt In Love

This is another track from the AATW sessions - or so I mistakenly thought. Credited to Dannii Minogue/Ross Callum/Terry Ronald, it should be Dannii by the numbers but it's always nice to hear a new Tezza track.

13. Weak

This was first mentioned on Dannii's website way back in 2002. I don't have any further details. Hopefully, it won't sound too dated.

14. Who Do You Love Now? (Riva's Bora Bora Edit)

A club classic. Another remix surely can't hurt.

15. Put The Needle On It (Cicada Vocal Mix Edit)


16. Come And Get It (Alternative Radio Edit)

It's a scandal that this was never released as a single in the UK or Australia. "Come And Get It" is one of the best pop songs of the decade.

17. Begin To Spin Me Round {Dannii Vs Dead Or Alive} (Radio Edit)

A fan favourite.

18. Love Me Like This

From the same team behind "Spend Your Love On Me". This appears to be a reject from "The Hits & Beyond" - which doesn't make much sense really seeing as this is a compilation of Warner tracks. Who knows.

19. Bad Weather

Written by Ben Dobie/Joe Holweger/Dannii Minogue/Ian Masterson/Terry Ronald, this anthem originates from Dannii's second, scrapped album for London records. Dannii spends so much time in Ibiza, it's a wonder she even knows what bad weather looks like.

20. Invitation

Another reject from Dannii's scrapped album for London Records. Credited to Cheryl Parker/Dannii Minogue/Sarah Eker/Gareth Young.

21. It Won't Work Out (Ross Cullum Single Mix)

I assume this is the dance version that leaked earlier this year. In that case, it's pure brilliance!

"Unleashed" is scheduled for release on the 5th of November. Pre-order your copy here!


Tommie said...

"Hide & Seek" was originally due to be the lead single for THAB before PTNOI came along - apparently the radio mix is very different to the version we got...

Also, the Ross Cullum mix ISN'T the dance version that leaked - it's the supposed single mix that was supposed to be released Christmas 2003 as the final single off NN, but, as with a lot of Dannii releases, got scrapped in order for her to work on the follow-up. Which got scrapped.

I assume you got a lot of the info from Wikipedia - Nathansays has confirmed a lot of it as false and incorrect as to who owns the tracks - I assume the confusion came up when Dannii "left" Warner and took the tracks she had worked on with her...

Mike said...

Surely you mean "Hide & Seek" was intended as the first single for NN not TH&B? It would have to be very different to be single worthy.

Most of the info is from ASCAP. I'm not sure which song is from which scrappped album - Dannii has so many! When I say a song is from the TH&B era I mean when it was recorded ie. after 2004. Of course, I have no idea who owns what. I guess as one of the songwriters on just about every track, Holidannii could do what she wants with it!

I'm disappointed that "It Won't Work Out" is the shitty ballad mix. How dull!

tommie said...

Of course - Dannii releases gives me brainfarts. From what I understand the original Hide & Seek is very different from the b-side - it'll be interesting to hear it, along with the super-campy radio edit of Someone New on the Girl reissue; apparently that one has brand-new lyrics too (and is campier than the original)!

I remember Nathan, aka God, mentioning that the IWWO radio mix was "funky", but who knows what that means. I'm glad it was never released as a single - it would've probably ended up like I Don't Wanna Take This Pain!

Magical Froggy said...

I am so stunned that there are so many tracks on this release. Dannii is well and truly spoiling us! I just fear that it will mean we won't get another album out of her until 2012...!

Peibols said...

Love Me Like This, Touch Me Like That.... mmmm Dannii is improving her english...

Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

Exciting! Though why couldn't they find some decent mixes of EIW, PTNOI & WDYLN to stick on there?

Mike said...

OMG - I just came home from Dannii night at a gay nightclub! I feel like I've experienced gay heaven!!

Tommie - as long as IWWO isn't that crappy ballad. Every song on "Unleashed" sounds like a dancefloor anthem, so fingers crossed!

MF - Surely Dannii will whip up some kind of trashy album if "Touch Me Like That" is the mega-smash we all expect.

Peibols - Dannii spends so much time in Ibiza, I'm surprised she can even speak English anymore!

Jay - I agree with the remixes. That Metro mix in particular is rotten. Oh well, who cares - I'm beside myself with excitement!!!

Peibols said...


Her next single should be in Spanish

Un vodka con limón, por favor!

And stuff like that.
Like this.

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