Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Dannii Sings The Ladies' Bras!

The past few weeks have been Dannii heaven. Just when I thought that Dannii couldn't possibly get any more fabulous, she sings a song about ladies underwear during an interview on England's Radio 1! Holidannii's rendition of "The Ladies' Bras" is hilarious. Poor Dannii sounds so embarrassed. I bet she's thinking of all the ladies' bras she's unhooked over the years! Enjoy this brief but spectacular moment in Dannii's amazing career!

Download - The Ladies' Bras

Dannii needs to put this on her next album! A HUGE thank you to Magical Froggy for the radio rip and highly erotic cover.


Peibols said...


It's totally MAJOR!!!

Dannii has to make more jingles for ads. And for underwear.

Underwear she doesn't wear.

This tune it's huger than 2Hearts!!

magical froggy said...

Surely this moment is the pinnacle of Dannii's career? Her 35 years have been leading up to this moment to justify her existence!!

Love it!

Mike said...

I totally agree - this is surely the finest moment in Dannii's stellar career! Dannii & ladies' bras go together like gin & tonic!

BruDé said...

Her next number one club hit!! I can't wait to hear the SoulSeekerz remix!