Monday, 22 October 2007

Evil Sharon's Jealous Outburst

Sharon Osbourne is a nasty cunt. The old troll has really gone too far this time, making Dannii cry and storming off the set of "X Factor" in a jealous rage. It must be hard for a dumpy, old hag like Sharon to constantly endure Dannii's stunning beauty and infinite wisdom about the music industry but this is an obvious ploy to steal Dannii's thunder. I hope the vile bitch dies of old age. Which by the look of her should be very soon. The episode is reported in full by Nine MSN here.

A backstage fight with Dannii Minogue is believed to be the reason why Sharon Osbourne stormed off the set of live British TV show X Factor last weekend. Just moments before the start of a show, the feisty wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne launched verbal barbs at her fellow judge Minogue, UK newspaper The Sun reports.

Osbourne went to Minogue's dressing room before the show to wish the Australian starlet a happy 36th birthday, but then stunned the little sister of Kylie by launching a stinging attack.

"Dannii was crying so badly she had to have her make-up redone three times," an unnamed source on the show said. "All of Sharon's frustrations came out. Dannii tried to keep calm but there's not much you can do when Sharon's at full throttle. She's been jealous of Dannii getting all the attention and publicity ever since she was brought on the show."

The show went to air with Minogue and Osbourne coming onto the stage holding hands, showing no signs of the altercation.

But that good will evaporated when Osbourne stormed off during the live broadcast, saying "I'm out, I'm gone". "F*** off, I'll say what I f****** want," Osbourne told the show's executive producer Richard Holloway. Recently The Sun revealed Osbourne would not return to the series next year, and now there are doubts she'll even return next week.

"Sharon was very upset," a spokeswoman said. "We’re hoping she'll be back next week."


Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

Sharon is a vile attention seeking ugly old hag. Just like nathensays.

Mike said...

She can't be that bad, surely?

Simon. said...

Well, clearly Sharon was looking for attention and she's getting some now. But it's a bit sad that, that's what she had to do for a little press, lol.


BTW, I LOOOVE this blog! <3

tommie said...

Vile cunt. I hope she and Sinitta dies for making nasty comments about the lovely Dannii!

Mike said...

Someone should take out a fatwa on both of those hateful cunts!

undisco_me said...

"Sharon Osbourne is a nasty cunt" should be written across all British aeroplanes!

Dannii quoted a fans post on her messageboard stating the jist of the Sun article and she offered the 'closed-mouth/about-to-spew' smilie symbol, which, to moi, says it all..

Mike said...

Dannii is such a lady :)

Anonymous said...

So what's new? Time and time again Sharon Osborne proves to the world that she no class.

Anonymous said...

Sharon is an evil stuck up coniveing bitch, and i have to be honest i am not sorry to have seen her off our screens she is a pumped up cow and as for Danni why didnt she stick up for herself instead of crying i mean if Sharon ordered her to give her £200 or else...... Danni would probably do that and all i mean i would have turned around and gave Sharon a punch the little jealous tramp!!!!!! Just because Danni's lovely and Sharon is an awful dryed up granny doesnt mean she has to go around thinkin she's all this that and the other!!!!!!!!!