Thursday, 10 January 2008

Dannii > Madonna

It's blindingly obvious that Dannii is a better pop star than Madonna. Dannii has a better voice, more charisma and endless sex appeal. However, there remains a deluded minority who cling to the pitiful idea that dirty, old Madge is still the queen of pop. Here are three pieces of irrefutable evidence that prove once and for all that Madonna is the poor man's Dannii.

Exhibit A

Even at the tender age of 13, Dannii's stunning stagecraft blew Madonna out of the water. This magnetic performance of "Holiday" reflects a burning talent that Madonna can only dream of. Pay particular attention to the awesome choreography and Dannii's amazing pink gloves.

Exhibit B

By the ripe old age of 16, Dannii had already surpassed Madonna as both a dancer and a vocalist. Dannii's ability to move her head at all with that crazy perm defies belief. Be stunned and amazed as Dannii sings "True Blue" in a fabulous array of 80s designs - each with shoulder pads bigger than the other. Note the breathtaking choreography during the final sequence with the boys dressed in white. Madonna wishes she could display such raw and smoldering sexuality!

Exhibit C

I'm sure everyone is more than convinced by now but if you need further proof of Dannii's clear superiority, watch this riveting rendition of "Open Your Heart". Dannii takes yet another Madonna hit to an entirely new level with her dramatic performance. This spectacularly staged number finds Dannii wandering around what appears to be a border crossing dotted with plastic trees and police sirens. Prepare yourself for the stunning reveal, when Dannii whips off her jacket and displays some of the finest moves in the history of dance.



tommie said...

Dannii shows once again why she's the greatest dancer, singer and actress! The old ugly retarded hag doesn't have anything on La Disco's grace and natural stunning good looks!

Mike said...

So true!

Simon. said...

Hahaha, this post is so cute. I absolutely love both of them.
And of course, Dannii is very very talented.

You should have put her performance of Lucky Star. Is's pure bliss. One of my faves of Madonna's and my favorite performance of Dannii from YTT. <3

Anonymous said...

Is this sarcasm? I love Dannii as much as the next gay guy, but man are these videos of her horrible! Horrible dancing, horrible singing, I'd say horrible outfits but that's just the 80s. Dannii is a fun dance singer, but she's no Madonna.

Mike said...

I'm not being sarcastic at all. You just have extraordinarily poor taste and judgement.

Nick said...

Dannii never fails to exceed expections

Anonymous said...

Dannii is very cute in these old videos !!! She should have stayed natural, with her natural nose and face, she's really really cute and her "open your heart "performance is both good and different from Madonna's.