Wednesday, 16 January 2008

TMLT Aus Exclusive!

I take back all the nasty things I said about the Australian release of "Touch Me Like That". The official tracklisting has finally been revealed and the Australian single will contain 7 additional remixes - bringing the total to a whopping 13! A different cover and a new B-side would have been nice but this is fantastic. There are new mixes by Space Cowboy and Fugitives and I can't wait to hear the "Soul Seekerz Feel Me Dirty Dub"! The full tracklisting is below:

1. Touch Me Like That (Radio Edit)
2. Touch Me Like That (Space Cowboy Radio Edit)
3. Touch Me Like That (Stonebridge Club Mix)
4. Touch Me Like That (Jason Nevins Remix)
5. Touch Me Like That (Soul Seekerz Club Mix)
6. Touch Me Like That (Soul Seekerz Feel Me Dirty Dub)
7. Touch Me Like That (Jack Rokka Remix)
8. Touch Me Like That (Jack Rokka Dub)
9. Touch Me Like That (Lmc Remix)
10. Touch Me Like That (Fugitives Touched Up Mix)
11. Touch Me Like That (Extended Mix)
12. Touch Me Like That (Space Cowboy Dub)
13. Touch Me Like That (Stonebridge Dub)

You can listen to clips of all the mixes and order the CD single from Chaos. Hopefully this induces a few more fans to part with their cash. I already know several international fans who have now decided to order it. Number 87 here we come!


BruDé said...

I'm one of those international fans ! I just don't know yet if I'll order it through Chaos or another online store... I love Australia, hot guys & Dannii. What can we ask more ?

tommie said...

Oh damn. I bought the UK single, but that looks so tempting! I might get it with a few other Aus releases in the next few weeks...

Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

I'd get it if I didn't already have the UK CD (which has the video - something this doesn't have).

As I said yesterday, this should be a 2CD release with a b-side or two, the video and proper exclusive mixes since all those ones were available across the UK Promo CDs which can be picked up for pennies...

Mike said...

Dannii's international fans are in a buying frenzy!

I agree about the 2CD single set, Jay. It would have been amazing but at least there is some effort going into this - the additional remixes are better than nothing. It would be nice if Dannii did a radio interview or something. I don't think the general buying public has the slightest idea that Dannii even has a new single!

undisco_me said...

Dannii International - next album title?

I'm drooling already.

What promo is she doing in Oz now that there's no other commitments besides the sun lounger?