Sunday, 13 January 2008

My "Touch Me Like That" Rant!

Dannii's stunning UK mega-flop "Touch Me Like That" is released in Australia on Saturday. I hope the song can maintain Dannii's amazing run of top 40 hits but I fear the worst given the complete lack of promotion and radio airplay. I understand that it's hard to promote "Touch Me Like That" with Dannii missing in action but there's no excuse for the single still not being on iTunes (you can download it from a Wild compilation) or the lacklustre tracklist. Dannii has a strong fanbase but the majority of us have already bought the UK single (or illegally downloaded it), so there is little motivation to buy the Australian version when it's completely identical. Is it really so hard to whip up a different cover and stick on one of the several hundred unreleased tracks Dannii has lying around as a B-side? I'll be buying "Touch Me Like That" regardless. I hope the rest of her fans are as charitable.

By the way - the photo shoot above is FABULOUS!!!!


Martin said...

I can't remember the last time I purchased a single or an album without already having played the leaked version to death. The only reason I buy anything is to "support" the artist, so not having any remixes or new art makes zero difference. Also, if somebody is as Dannii crazed as you (or me... ) and actually imports a single then they probably don't need any incentive to get the local version.

The people that it matters to are the casual buyers, and like you said in your post, if there's no promo or playlisting then 15 remixes of a track they haven't heard of makes no difference.

My line of thinking is that if HTGD could crack the top 40 with no airplay and being such a shit song and all, then maybe TMLT can slide in through fanbase too.

Mike said...

Hi Martin - I agree that the real crazies will buy anything Dannii puts out but there really is little incentive to buy this release if you have the UK single. It is EXACTLY the same. Why can't Dannii's record company follow Kylie's lead and switch things up a bit with a different cover or tracklisting? Dannii's Spanish label did it with HTGD and now that edition is highly collectable. A slightly different product would prompt UK collectors to order it from Australia and the Aus fans who bought the UK release would have a reason to get the local version too.

I personally think TMLT could miss the top 100 entirely. Dannii was judging AGT when HTGD was released, had a huge media profile and performed the song on Dancing With The Stars. TMLT has none of those advantages. It's not even on iTunes - less than a week prior to release :(

Anonymous said...

She's giving Joan Collins a run for her money with every new photoshoot!

bubu said...

first, photo is great!

second, I agree with all your comments. in these internet times of amazons, 7digitals and itunes, 'fan-releases' should differ at least a bit in order to fans even considering getting 2 similar copies of a single. or album, that is what re-releases do, right? offer the same, but with a succulent bonus (just like dannii use to do).

anyway, I am still waiting for her Spanish label to decide if TMLT is going be released over here. I just emailed them [BlancoyNegro] yesterday asking this. they haven't replied. yet.


Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

If I hadn't already bought the UK CD, I'd be tempted purely because it has so many tracks - and even after shipping I can get it for cheaper than I paid for the UK CD!

The 13 track CD is clearly Central Station being desperate for a hit and hoping people will buy it as it has 11 more tracks than the average CD single these days - but they should have split them onto 2 CD's with the video on one and a couple of b-sides on the other and maybe even got rid of a few of the existing mixes and stuck on an exclusive mix or two instead - surely there is some Australian DJ / Producer on their roster who could have banged out a quick and cheap mix...

All that aside, the day Dannii gets her arse in gear and actually attempts to promote her own material properly is the day she might once again have a hit.

Anon said...

As Summer is approaching - slowly but steadily - I promise to order somehow the Australian version of TMLT, (I'm in the UK) and thereby support the holy cult that is Holidannii and its various secret doings.

To anon @ 18:25 Yes she is and I absolutely LOVE it. I'd take Dannii in JC drag over the real JC any day.

Tinascousin said...

Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen hit the nail right on the head with this one! Now don't get me wrong, I'm a Dannii desperado from way back and buy anything released with her name on it, shit or otherwise, but Central Station have really pushed the envelope with this one... unless I just happen to have a bad pressing? Coz you see this thirteen track CD single is really only an 11 track CD single because Tracks 1 and 2, listed as "Radio Edit" and "Space Cowboy Radio Edit" respectively, are exactly the same! But wait, there's more — tracks 4 and 11, listed as "Jason Nevins Remix" and "Extended Mix" respectively, are also exactly the same! At least 4 & 11 are spaced far enough apart for it to almost not matter in teh overall scheme of things, but you'd reckon someone would've had the smarts to seperate track 2 from track 1!