Thursday, 3 January 2008

Dannii Update 2008

It seems appropriate to open Dannii's Dirty Box for the first time in 2008 with a picture of our goddess doing what she does best - looking sexy by a swimming pool! There isn't a lot to report about Dannii at the moment but there are at least three interesting developments.

1. reveal that Dannii is horny and stalks men on the internet out of desperation! My favourite quote is: "I do really need a man and I mean a real man. Being a gay icon, you have the best times at the best parties, but you just know that all the good-looking men are gay!" Read the complete article here. Dannii, I feel your pain!

2. In a recent interview with an Australian gay magazine, Kylie has indicated that she wants to perform at this year's Mardi Gras - with Dannii! Once again, the older Minogue is using Dannii's stardom to draw a crowd but it would be great to see the sisters at Mardi Gras again. Kylie has even requested that readers vote for the song they want to hear her perform, the song they want Dannii to perform and the song they should sing together. "It's Raining Men" is currently winning the poll! Vote for your preferred song here. Personally, I think Kylie should serenade Dannii with an impassioned rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings" - there wouldn't be a dry eye in the house!

3. An English publication has reviewed "Unleashed" and given it 3/10! The stone deaf bitch who wrote the article crosses the line when she says: "Unfortunately, Dannii will never be in the same league as her sister. This album can safely be stacked away on an out-of reach shelf collecting dust, or worse still would probably serve best as door stop. Dannii's vocals are unbarable. This little lady should stick to modelling as she demonstrates that she simply cannot sing in almost every track on this album." That nasty troll wouldn't know good music if it bit her on the cunt! I also think she should learn how to spell before polluting cyberspace with her ill informed opinions. You can read the entire shocking review here.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and I wish you all a fabulous 2008!


tommie said...


Johnny D said...

News about how Dannii "rang in" the New Year is suspiciously non-existent. Where are the strippers?? Was she in Ibiza???

This recent dansh of class is VERY disconcerting...

Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

EVIL Kylie!

Dannii must have been getting tips from the DroidQueen on how to stalk celebrity crushes - I expect her to pop up as Robin Thicke's Webmaster any day now...

Anon said...

Maybe that evil bitch got somehow disillusioned by expecting Sarah Brightman alike music from our queen?
Misinformation... or..
Evil Kylie agenda...? The last desperate fight against Dannii's ever-growing fame?
Crazy woman.. crazy world

The AskMen article? Protest too much?
Maybe invest the time chasing after "men" in a new album and just do another Lezzigate promotion...
Dannii happy, fans happy =)



Cyber said...

I bet that evil bitch who wrote that review is Sharon Osbourne. KILL THE CUNT.

undisco_me said...

Sharon's bullimia is far more distasteful than any of Dannii's "unlreleased-for-a-reason" classics. Spend Your Love On Me should have stuck to Dannii's original Spray Your Love On Me, but it's still got hit smeared all over it like Shazza's toilet bowl has sick. It's very akin to Liberty X's UK #1 Just A Little.

I'm so confused now about where all her newly released stuff fits in, but she'd better give us one last squeeze and produce Fear of Flying instead of waiffing it around like one of Ms. Osboarnes festered tampons.