Sunday, 27 January 2008

Dannii - Queen Of Flops

Dannii's string of 8 consecutive Australian top 40 hits comes to a screeching halt with "Touch Me Like That". Minogue Jr's massive UK flop has performed even worse in Australia with no sign of the single in the physical top 50 or the top 20 for Australian artists. In all likelihood, "Touch Me Like That" missed the top 100 altogether. The saddest thing about the situation is the fact that it was entirely foreseeable. What chance did the song have with zero airplay and no promotion? I notice that Dannii has a stack of radio interviews scheduled for this week but, unfortunately, I think it's too little too late.


tommie said...

It wasn't eligable to chart! That's what I'm going to believe anyway.


Me said...

I don't know why Central Station bothered with this without making her get her arse down under to promote the thing...

I wonder if it will get a Spanish release?

Mike said...

I don't know why CS bothered to release it while Dannii was sunning herself in Africa either. The whole project was botched. I love Dannii to bits but she really does take the piss sometimes.

Tommie - that's the best droid excuse I've heard in ages. Was it "ineligible" due to all the remixes? First time I've heard of that rule in Australia.

Johnny D said...

But wasn't this release "for the fans" anyway?? ;)

I think its fantastic that Dannii is on the verge of her 18th consecutive top 150 smash!!!!

Seriously though, the distribution of this single was SHIT. I live in Brisbane and not a single record store, including Sanity, Myer, HMV, Central Station or Big W had the single in stock. JB's had 5 copies and they had sold out.

Mike said...

Everything Dannii has done since joining AATW has been "for the fans". I reallly hope it did make the top 150!

The distribution was rubbish as usual - but not any worse than HTGD. Maybe Dannii's upcoming promotion will rocket TMLT into the top 130!

magicalfroggy said...

yeH bt dAnnyi singaL ouT whn AostRayliER massIv FLLOODS!!!!11!!1!! No1 cud Get 2 ShopZ && CDs wer wasHd ot 2 SEE!!!!!!!1

danniy iz Kwene of CLbz & seeFlor.