Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Australia's Got Talent - Episode 2

I could write about the dancing grannies, the slutty identical twins or the fabulous drag queen but episode 2 of Australia's Got Talent was all about Dannii dissing Vanessa Amorosi's dad! I was really quite shocked when they announced that Vanessa's father was going to perform - Ness Ness must be hanging her head in shame at the lesbian bar tonight. I didn't think Mr Amorosi was shockingly bad but he certainly doesn't share his daughter's vocal ability. Don't they say these things skip a generation? Anyway, the other two judges that no one cares about voted to put him through to the next round but Dannii bitched about his choice of song, chided him for singing in the wrong key and was the only judge to reject him. Ness Ness is gonna be pissed! Dannii had better watch out or that butch dyke will rip Dannii a new arsehole! I can't wait for Mr Amorosi to return. I bet Vanessa breaks into Dannii's dressing room with a broken bottle and has words with our holy icon! All in all, another stunning hour of trashy entertainment.

Ness Ness always has time for a woolly muff


Anonymous said...

I hope Dannii samples 'Absoloutely Everybody' for her next top 35 smash hit club rework!

In other good news apparantly 'Club Disco' is currently #20 on the Aus iTunes album chart...top 300 here we come!

(oh no, wait it's chart ineligable)


Mike said...

Dannii is just experiencing so much $ucce$$ at the moment! Silly CS for making Club Dildo chart ineligible!

I'm scared for Dannii. I think Ness Ness is going to send the dykes on bikes over to sort Dannii out!

DanDan said...

Dannii was totally correct in rejecting Vanessa's talentless father!!!!

Anonymous said...

Umm....so AMAZING NEWS! For Dannii anyway!

"Club Disco is doing better in OZ than The Hits & Beyond!
Download and physical sales are putting it at Number 15 midweek!!!!

BUT - it won't chart.


Bet they wish they didn't make it chart ineligible now - it would only happen to Dannii!

chris x

Anonymous said...

YAY the fabulous drag Queen is my friend - he is called MISS MAN and you HAVE to vote for him at the SEMI'S! Dannii LOVES Miss Man, so pleassssse vote!

Anonymous said...

vanessa amorosi is awesome! AUSTRALIA DOES HAVE TALENT!