Thursday, 29 May 2008

Dannii Steals Kylie's Birthday Thunder!

I love this! A German newspaper pulled together 40 facts to celebrate Kylie's 40th birthday and noted Dannii's enduring contribution to her sister's career. Check out fact #3 (click on the image), which roughly translates as "Sister Dannii was originally more famous"! Stunning journalism but what do they mean by using the past tense and the word originally?


Jay said...

$ucce$$! Clearly there is a DanDroid lurking in the editing suite!

Johnny D said...

I hope Dannii reminded everyone at the Birthday Party how much younger than Kylie she is!

undisco_me said...

"We agree to say 2 years, publicly, to help her sell in places I can only sunbathe about, but REALLY it's 200" giggles Dannii as she shoplifts a whole shelf-worth of KY and needs to get passed security to avoid another CCTV "scandal".

"Okay, I'll sleep with your girlfriend and any women you can find" is her last resort to stop this nasty habit finally going public.