Thursday, 15 May 2008

Victor Strikes Again!

Victor, Dannii's #1 Brazilian fan and the charismatic star of this legendary video, has turned his creative juices towards promoting "Club Disco". I think you'll agree that Victor really captures the essence of Dannii with these fabulous offerings! The first picture (above) will have Dannii's illiterate lesbian fans moist with anticipation, while the protest shot (below) perfectly reflects Dannii's amazing less-is-more approach to promotion.

Victor then brings out the big guns by roping in Einstein to publicise Dannii's exquisite collection of demos and unreleased tat. Obviously a brave attempt to appeal to Dannii's huge following in the world of academia!

Last but not least is my favourite. I think this piece of art beautifully sums up the amount of effort put into "Club Disco" by all involved including Dannii herself. Well done, Victor. We await your next video extravaganza with baited breath!


Trashtastic Aussie said...

oh fuck, that last pic! poor Dannii!

Fabulous effort though.

*steals and uses as random siggies*

Thanks Victor! mwha xx

trofeujabuti said...

"We await your next video extravaganza with baited breath!"


Jay said...

Beyond fabulous! The last one would have won my competition easily.

Dannii's Delights! said...

I'd love to wipe my ass some limited edition Club Disco bum paper <3