Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Cheer up Dannii Fans!

"Touch Me Like That" might be an unmitigated chart disaster but take comfort in the fact that Dannii is still a sizzling beauty - unlike her ancient sister. I always suspected Kylie would end up an old maid but this shit is ridiculous! Kylie's star turn as a 60 year old prostitute on Dr Who screens at 6:50pm on Christmas Day in the UK. I bet it rates less than X Factor!


Simon. said...

Damn, Kylie keeps looking like an old granny. Where's that girl that was fresh, sexy and dancey from Fever or Light Years?

A: Olivier's cock sucked the youth out of her.
B: Dannii's recommending her bad beauty secrets in order to look older.
C: William Baker really hates Kylie in the end, and this is his revenge - Bad, veeery bad styling advices.
D: She just grew old and that is it.

Gawd, look at Madonna. An old cunt, but at least she tries to look young and "hip", lol.

Peibols said...

Kylie looks so romanian!
That's cos she wants to tour on that country.

Poor Kylie, she doesn't know what to do to be on tv and try to have some attention.
People'll only see Dr Who cos it's Dannii's prehistoric sister, isn't she?

Mike said...

Simon - Kylie's face is too frozen from the Botox to suck anyone's cock. But I digress. I like the styling of the "X" era and I think she's looking great at the moment but the make-up artist on Dr Who is obviously a disgruntled Dannii fan. She looks absolutely shit.

Peibols - I think Kylie looks like a sweet transexual from Transylvania in that pic. I just hope she took some acting classes from Dannii because the whole thing could be very embarrassing!

tommie said...

Maybe Kylie's trying to get the part of one of the older hookers in a Jack The Ripper tv movie?

Hules said...

Somebody needs to put a gun to Kylie's head and get her to the fucking gym.

And when she slows down, fire of a few warning shots and put the hot barrel to her sweating skin and let the smell of her own hot wax and the sizzling sound be the motivation for her to get fit again.

She has only started wearing books because her calves have completely atrophied and it's the only thing that will balance out those thighs.