Saturday, 15 December 2007

Dannii - Queen Of X Factor!

Dannii's first year as an X factor judge was a baptism of fire. Critics made snide remarks about her appointment and fellow judges questioned both Dannii's talent (fuck you, Louis!) and her credentials (likewise, Sharon!) but the Queen Of Clubs has well and truly had the last laugh. The X Factor winner was announced last night and the UK viewing public awarded the 1 million pound first prize to Leon Jackson - an 18 year old Scotsman mentored by Dannii. In a stunning reflection on Dannii's uncanny ability to recognise and nurture talent, her other charge, Rhydian, came in second place!

Leon crowned X factor winner

I'm not a huge fan of Leon's music but I'm glad he won over the scary albino. You can watch a short recap of the proceedings below. I love how Dannii is mentioned almost as much as the winner!

Dannii was not the only Minogue to feature prominently in the finale. Kylie performed a duet with Leon before belting out her latest single to close the show. The duet was cute but Kylie's rendition of "Wow" was a real showstopper. I can't remember seeing her look as happy and uninhibited for a very long time. The cutest part of the whole performance is watching Dannii sing along and get up and dance behind the judging panel. It's so sweet of Dannii to take pity on her older sister and give her so much free publicity! Watch the clip below and make sure to keep an eye out for Dannii's scene stealing antics.

It will be interesting to see if Dannii returns for next year's X Factor. I'm ecstatic that she's finally found so much $ucce$$ but I hope she doesn't completely forget her music career. I'm gagging for Dannii's next amazing #48 smash hit!


Peibols said...

It's clear.
Dannii knows WOW's lyrics, because they're quite simple.

But let's see if Kylie is able to remember any Dannii's chorus!

Trannii said...

Fookin hell!
All this $uCCe$$ is gonna kill me, I don't know how can anyone handle so much $ucce$$$$$$$$$$$

Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...


Fabulous result for Dannii! - take that you vile old hags!!!!!!
And that performance of Wow was beyond fabulous!

Parker said...

Oh, Pei's being so hard on Dannii, it's not like Kylie's lyrics are uber ellaborated, let's all remember the marvellous Filler Fever and those songs made only of four words: love, dancefloor, eyes, lips.

I love to see Dannii on her two feet as those two old cunts are biting those poisonous tongues. The day when all the non-believers are going to be like that is near. Be aware. Be well aware.

Mike said...

Poor Pablo is just bitter that X is already filling up Spanish bargain bins while He's The Greatest Dancer is the biggest hit in the history of Spanish gay bars!

Oh and I totally agree that Dannii's time is coming. Her next single will at least be a top 30 smash!

Rao! said...

My dear trashtastic friend.

I don't know if you're aware of this, but you should take a look:

Now you can have dannii to wish happy birthday to your friends and ever say you're sorry!

Please talk about it in your blog that I so adore.

BruDé said...

I'd do Leon anytime !!!

mobius said...

I kinda like the 'albino'. He's a bit ugly, but he has lots of star quality and a great voice.

I haven't seen much of the show, but I was pleasantly surprised how sweet Dannii came across.

Rumour has it Dannii and Kylie played a sketch during the break of X-Factor, mocking Sharon O.