Monday, 3 December 2007

Louis Walsh = Bitter Old Cunt

Louis Walsh really is a small and petty man. Clearly threatened by Dannii's breathtaking sex appeal and judging expertise, the ancient one launched another shocking personal attack on his fellow X Factor judge by mocking Dannii's vocal ability. It's becoming increasingly obvious that Louis will take a cheap shot every time Dannii legitimately criticises one of his contestants. The first few bitchy remarks were amusing but they are getting as tired as Louis' sagging arsehole. Hopefully, Dannii will slap the nasty bitch with one of her plastic tits the next time he steps out of line! Read the full article here.

DANNII MINOGUE stormed out of hit British reality TV show The X Factor on Saturday after Irish music mogul LOUIS WALSH mocked her singing ability. The star left the set of the talent show and failed to return after a commercial break, forcing fellow judge Sharon Osbourne to fill her absence by sitting on Simon Cowell's lap. The row was sparked after Minogue criticised a contestant on the show for singing out of tune - to which Walsh responded, "Dannii, singing out of tune? Ho ho!" causing the 36 year old to walk off set. A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "Louis keeps joking about Dannii's singing talents and it's really getting to her."

Meanwhile, Kylie has hit back at the X Factor panel by boasting that Dannii is the only judge with any talent! Kylie points out that Dannii has been in the music industry since she was 7 years old and emphasises that her sister is the only judge with any experience as a performer. Well said! Check out the full article here. The X Factor drama is really brewing. Expect sparks to fly if Kylie performs on the show (as rumoured)!

Kylie Minogue has claimed that her sister is the only X Factor judge with talent. The singer is convinced that Dannii will triumph over Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne to guide her category to victory in the show.

She said: "[Dannii's] so overqualified for the job, really, because she's been performing since she was about seven and she's the only one on that panel... they all have their talents, but she's the only one there who knows what it's like to get up and perform, especially under pressure or [when] you're not feeling well or you're nervous."


Simon. said...

Totally. Dannii is the only judge that has had a musical career and knows the pressure, the tricks and everything to be a good performer.

And ew, are those armpit sweat stains on Louis shirt? Dannii's left shoulder must be dying under that pit. lol.

Mike said...

More likely cum stains in Louis' case...

tommiedroid said...

Lulu is such a hater! I think Dannii's Dirty Box and the Droid Collective needs to join forces and beat dear old Lulu to death with the Spanish He's The Greatest Dancer single! That'll show that hater how many smash hits Dannii has!

Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

The only problem with that plan tommie is that none of the Droids own the single - they all downloaded it illegally!

And Louis is VILE in the extreme! His bitterness and constant jibes at Dannii are turning the public against him and making it more likely one of her two will win - most people agree that she knows what she is talking about because despite her relative lack of $ucce$$, she is the only one who knows what it is like to be the performer. Team Minogue to win!

Mike said...

I'm constantly amazed by the fanatical Dannii (and Kylie fans for that matter) droids who don't actually pay for her music. The file sharing of "Club Disco", in particular, was shameful. People, this shit isn't free!

Oh and well said about Louis. I hope that one of Dannii's acts wins X Factor!

Miss Halliwell said...

LuLu Walsh is a dirty old kiddy fiddler who, as stated in my own blogs, is obsessed with letting through pre-pubescent boys he fancies.

Dannii may not be the best vocalist in the world, but neither is Kylie. True fans admit this. Both sisters do what they do very well. Pure Pop. Entertainment. Glamour!

Louis is an arrogant old wankbag who can kiss my colostomy bags and fuck off back to Ireland!

Sharon is a plastic old talentless, alcoholic, junkie, attention seeking piece of trailer trash!

Simon is a wanker too. The show is all about the judges, not the contestants which is vile.

At least Dan IS qualified to comment on entertainment. She has been there, done it, bought the false tits and has the labia scars to prove it!

Fuck me! I'm getting all ratty!

Oh and AATW killed Kelly Llorenna's career too! Wankers!


Miss H

PS Touch Me Like That is a magnificent piece of music which is so overlooked chartwise thanks to the fucking retards who refuse to pay. So much for being 'real fans'...

Mike said...

Deirdre = LOVE!

Jamie said...

Louis Walsh is indeed a bitter old cunt. Everytime he says Dannii hasnt had a hit I scream at the screen about when he ever had one....and producing them doesnt count!

cooldannii said...

I love Dannii and i am her biggest fan. I hate the way that lousy louis slags her off and i bet he doesn't even know anything about her. I bet he can't name one song that she's wrote but he's so thick he'll probably say one of Kylie's!