Monday, 17 December 2007

STOP PRESS - Dannii's Brave Battle!

Millions of fans around the globe are in a state of shock today after Dannii shockingly revealed that she can no longer exercise due to the gargantuan size of her knockers. Brave Dannii opened her heart to S Magazine, admitting that she is unable to jog without fear of getting a black eye from one of her pendulous breasts. As a result, the Queen Of Clubs has taken up swimming and walking. I'm sure by sharing her pain, Dannii has given a voice to the suffering of busty women worldwide. What a woman! The Sun reports:

X FACTOR judge Dannii Minogue said she can’t work out properly – as her boobs are too BIG.

The busty pop star said jogging was a nono, because her surgically enhanced breasts would give her "a black eye". But the singer, 36, said: "I like to walk, I like to swim."

Dannii also told S Magazine her reputation as the more risque Minogue sister was wrong. The Aussie said: "Kylie’s just as naughty as me, it's just that I'm stupid so I get caught."

Read more about Dannii's brave battle here.


Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

This has to be my second favourite Dannii story ever!

Someone shoudl tell her about these things called "sport's bra's" though - apparently they stop megaboobed babes from bopping themselves in the face with their massive mammeries...

Peibols said...

Great for her!

Anyway, sports are for poor people!

Johnny D said...

Its heart-rending story. Many people think that celebrities lives are all literally limousines, club scenes and money that keeps rolling in, but behind the showbiz, brave Dannii battles on. Surely she could record a charity "fan release" to help make others aware of this infliction??

Mike said...

I think a charity "fan release" for sufferers of massive breast implants would be a fabulous idea!

This is Dannii's best promo since Lezzigate!

Parker said...

Her new compilation... I mean album, Breasts & Beyond, should be a collecion of brave women anthem about the bitter gift of being beautiful.
Women like Anastacia, Celine Dion or Avril Lavigne could never record anything of that sort.

Mike said...

Dannii's "Greatest Tits"?

Johnny D said...

Maybe her last "fan release", the top 168 smash hit, "Unleashed" was a reference to this problem.

Hules said...

Poor Dannii.

My mother and sister have large breasts or "Boozies", and they can't jog either.

Although, my mother inists on Tai Bo in a full face of makeup.

Anyway, I would have thought dannii would manage her weight with coke.