Sunday, 2 December 2007

World AIDS Day Ambassador

Regardless of the eventual chart position of "Touch Me Like That", Dannii will always be #1 with her army of gay fans. Many desperate divas rely on the pink dollar to fund their failing careers but very few of them ever give anything back to the gay community. The glaring exception is Dannii Minogue. As a long time supporter of Mardi Gras in Australia, Minogue Jr performed at the event in 1998 and recorded the 1999 theme song, "Everlasting Night". Since finding mega-stardom in the UK, Dannii has been an avid supporter of gay rights and has promoted World AIDS Day for many years. As a Terrence Higgins Trust ambassador, Dannii is not only the Queen Of Clubs but also the face of safe sex in the UK (above). Such is the importance of Dannii's role that she was invited to speak with Prime Minister Gordon Brown about her concerns (pictured below). I love to joke about Dannii's ability to do nothing in great style but I'd like to applaud her generous and genuine contribution to this most worthy campaign.

Dannii's World AIDS Day message:

"At the moment we have a problem with young people finding it easier to actually have sex, than talk about wearing a condom. Last year alone nearly 8000 new cases of HIV were diagnosed in the UK and there is still no cure. As Ambassador For Young People I'd like to see easier and quicker methods introduced for HIV and STD testing and for better sex education to be made part of the school curriculum. Stay safe and sexy by using a condom every time you have sex."


Peibols said...

Good for her!

I hope more gay divas were so into the gay problems.
Not only the charts.

But, why this guys are both on ladders to take the picture and make Dannii look as small as Kylie?
So unfair for her.

Mike said...

Dannii is tiny but she's better proportioned and wears higher heels than Kylie! I love the fact that Dannii was invited to 10 Downing St to chat with the UK's Prime Minister. I think all world leaders should have to consult with Dannii!

Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

I love the fact that the "n" in the t-shirt is shaped like a condom!

Miss Halliwell said...

I wonder if Dannii practices what she preaches?

Just a thought as most celebrities who bang on about no bareback and no drugs are usually the ones snorting coke and getting jizzed up more often than a prostitute!

Eeew the thought of Dannii getting Simon Cowell to shoot muck inside her...Makes me wanna vomit into my fanny lips shaped handbag!

Mike said...

The t-shirt is great. They've really toned the campagin down this year though, my favourite was the one with Dannii riding a swan. So hot!

Oh Deirdre, I just lost my breakfast! Mary Kiani is the only celeb I can think of who likes to be sprayed full of jizz!

Miss Halliwell said...

HAHHAHAHA Mike! Mary Kiani is practically a virgin! Her children were conceived by donor sperm released exclusively through internet download! LOL

You are a foul mouthed Aussie! Tramp! LOL

Miss H

Mike said...

Mary & Dannii should duet! Can you imagine the brilliance and botox on display?!