Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Dannii Abused By Audience Member

Poor Dannii is having a bad week. Firstly, evil Louis Walsh questions Dannii's chart credibility and now an audience member has abused poor Dannii on live television! The incident occurred after Dannii rightfully panned the performance of this ugly bitch on "X factor". At about 30 seconds into the clip you can hear a member of the audience call Dannii a bitch. I hope the person responsible was dragged from their seat and thrown out on the street like the common garbage they are! Did anyone else notice Simon's reaction to the heckling? He can't keep his hands off lovely Dannii!


Peibols said...

I read on News of the World that XFactor workers kill him.
With their guns.

Poor Dannii.. call her bitch.
She's more than a simple bitch!!!

tommie said...

Dannii should've sent her home with the motivation that she doesn't want to touch her like that! Dannii don't do ugly.

Mike said...

I can't believe the evil haters in the "X Factor" audience! They are just pissed off because Dannii is insightful enough to recognise that this second rate Michelle McManus is trash and will never have a #1 club hit, let alone 11 consecutive!

Hules said...

I'm not one of those psycho fucks from the Dannii forum, in fact I was banned for publishing Dannii's suicide letters a few years ago, but this person must die.

Mike said...

I love meeting fellow banned members of the Dannii Board! I totally agree about that hateful scumbag. And LOL at Dannii's suicide diaries!