Monday, 26 November 2007

Dannii Outshines Kylie - Again

One of the highlights of Dannii's amazing "Complete Collection" DVD is her stunning live duet of "Kids" filmed during Kylie's "Showgirl Homecoming" tour. This clip is the pop equivalent of porn - Australia's two greatest divas camping it up on the same stage is almost too good to be true. Unfortunately for poor Kylie, Dannii steals the show with her brilliant vocals and magnetic charisma. The entire crowd is completely mesmerised by beautiful Dannii. In fact, I'm sure they only bought tickets on the off chance of seeing Dannii strut her stuff! My favourite bit is the lusty look on Dannii's face when Kylie sings "I couldn't do what I wanted to do when my lips were dry" and the big finale when they both rock out. I'm surprised Dannii didn't fling Kylie into the crowd to finally enjoy her moment in the sun - maybe next time!


Hules said...

There's no doubt about why Dannii was originally the star in the first place.

I truely believe she has more talent than Kylie, but was held back by her old face during the crucial career-forming years.

If they were starting out now, but with their current set of faces, it would be even ground and Dannii would steal the show over and over again.

It's sad how a great talent was overlooked because of her shocking apperance and what amounts to superficiality.

Mike said...

Dannii has always been a stunning beauty! I love her pre-surgery face! :(

Hules said...

We may disagree over Dannii's old "face", but I still love you!

Peibols said...

Great moment.

It's just me or Dannii is there with a look like I'm here just to help you to be famous?

Simon. said...

Clearly, Dannii is the talented and the pretty one. I mean, listen to Kylie's voice: absolutely nasal and high pitched. Whereas Dannii's absolutely stunning.

Also, notice their bodies. Kylie was a bit fat at that time and I still believe she is still fat. Dannii's waist is smaller than Kylie's, even though Dannii is taller.
Kylie can hardly keep to Dannii's pace in the final part when they are running. lol.
Even Dannii's outfit is way hotter.

Gawd, I love both of the Minogue sisters, but I've got to be honest: Dannii would be way more successful than Kylie if it wasn't for her crappy recordlabels.

Mike said...

Desperate Kylie is always pulling these stunts to steal Dannii's fame and unprecedented popularity! It's a great performance though - the bit where they are shaking their bums at the beginning is heavenly!

undisco_me said...

What about Will's comment to Kylie in White Diamond: "you and Dannii haven't been this close in years"?

Kylie just hugged a sobbing Will and presumably tried to strangle him so he wouldn't say anything else.

Mike said...

Kylie has no shame. That woman is constantly mentioning Dannii so people will buy her music and dvds!

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