Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Dannii's Stunning Sales!

The UK sales figures for Dannii's recent releases are in and our queen hasn't lost her midas touch on the charts! Last week Dannii sold:

2,400 copies of "Unleashed"
832 copies of "Neon Nights"
779 copies of "Girl"
669 copies of "Club Disco"

The usual haters have labelled Dannii a massive flop but I think those figures are very respectable for four minimally promoted collections of old B-sides and remixes. The numbers would have also been significantly higher without the rife illegal downloading of Dannii's material. Shame on anyone who stole from Dannii's holiday fund!


Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...


Though Unleashed would have just missed the Top 75 if it was able to chart but both it and CD did well in the budget / download album charts I believe.

Mike said...

I think Dannii's various record companies will be happy. For next to no output, they've made a little bit of money and "Unleashed" should be a steady seller. It will be very interesting to see how TMLT fares!

tommie said...

It's pretty much average - the reissues has sold about as much as Kylie's DeCon ones did in their first week, so I doubt it's too shocking to Warners.

Mike said...

I think those sales are fine. Really what can you expect for the re-issue of an album that only made #57 on the charts to begin with?! I'm glad that people can re-discover it without fucking around on Ebay. It's such an amazing album and so far ahead of its time.

Ro Ro said...

I own 3 copies of Neon lol. That shows u how tragic i am. I bet Dannii only gets 1 cent of cd sales from this anyways. Since these are re releases. Record companies tend to be greedy bastards with reissues. Thank goodness for her x factor paychecks. I hate shes not bigger than she is. I really do prefer her over kylie. Don't get me wrong i adore Kylie. But Neon Nights was an awesome cd. The reason i have 3 copies of Neon is she actually released it over here with a few bonuses that weren't on the aussie release plus this new 2 disc expanded. It's My fave Dannii cd with Girl being second probably.