Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Spanish Gays In Dannii Buying Frenzy!

Spain is currently in the grip of Dannii mania with homosexuals across the nation rushing out to buy multiple copies of "He's The Greatest Dancer"! Dannii's #1 Spanish fan, Peibols (pictured right), reports that he went on a Dannii spree over the weekend with his friends Bubu and Parker (pictured left). Apparently the saleswoman had no idea who Dannii was (surely that bitch had just arrived in town from some rural backwater!) but the boys were able to double Dannii's Spanish sales by purchasing two copies! Thanks for the picture, you're all very sexy!

On a sad note, "Unleashed" only reached #165 on the Australian album charts! It's a shame but what does the record company expect when they release the album with the same cover and tracklisting as the UK but with no promotion? Poor Dannii. "Touch Me Like That" will be released in Australia on the 20th of January. If more effort isn't put into that release, expect another massive flop.


Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...


Dannii will be rocketing up the Spanish Top 10 again this week!

I want another copy so I can send it to the cunt so Dannii can sign it for me.

These mad Spainyards soo need to take me shopping next time I'm over there - which will be soon!!!!!!!

Simon. said...

Lucky bastards! - I want a copy of HTGD too. :(

They all look so cute with it. <3

Mike said...

I want a signed copy too! It's such a shame you can't order the Spanish HTGD online :(

I want to fly to Spain just to get drunk on cheap sangria with these sexy guys (and then stalk Dannii in Ibiza)!

BruDé said...

Massive flop !!!! no! no! no !

Remember, it's a "fan release" B)

Mike said...

Sorry Bruno, I forgot! Dannii has no flops - just "fan releases"!

Hules said...

Poor Dannii.

The only thing I heard about Dannii's hot new release was through this blog and a friend, who only knew from reading this blog,

Mike, you're doing more promo for Dannii than her own marketing people.

I love that those handsome young studs are holding up the receipt to show that they actually paid for the CDs and didn't just steal them or find them in a dumpster somewhere.

Tony Tornado said...

OMG! Pei & Parker!!!!!

Dannii will be number one again!!!!
For now, it's Kylie this week...

Minogues rule the charts!

Robpop said...

They all look absolutely cute! Btw, You can purchase the Spanish cd through the Spanish record label ;-) I just checked! For a mere 4 euros you can collect the cd-maxi :).

Btw, while I dont drink sangria (anymore), spain is wonderful for its music. The place really does destroy my back account. As do shopping spree's to Germany.

But its mostly Spain that does the damage.

bubu said...

Sorry for the pic's shitty quality. I took it!
I am so nervous with this week's list. Where will Dannii land? Are our two copies enough to get Top5? Will it keep the Top10 position? So many questions to answer to.

I plan to go to the same store this week, so we can ask a new bitch this time. I want my copy!

Peibols said...

Great post!

An honour to be named on that side of the world ;)
I'm gonna print it and show it to my mum.
Dannii's mum must do the same.

I really love the fan release idea.
It's the best excuse for some CDs.
Even for some music acts.

Even for Kylie's cinema career.

Mike said...

Hules - I do my best to promote Dannii! I'm not sure what's going on with her Australian label at the moment. I have a feeling they are waiting to see if she returns for Australia's Got Talent 2 before they invest in her. Oh and I'm not convinced by that receipt - I think they probably paid with sex!

Tony - Another sexy Spanish Dannii fan! I loved what I could understand of your "X" review. "Like A Drug" is better than sex, alcohol and chocolate put together! (...but not as good as TMLT of course)

Rob - What is the e-mail address/link of Dannii's Spanish label? I wonder if they ship outside Europe. Next time I visit Spain I'm stocking up on Dannii CDs and stalking that amazing transexual diva Monica Naranjo!

Bubu - It's a great pic but it would be better if you were in it! I'm on the edge of my seat to learn Dannii's chart position this week, hopefully Dannii can spend another week in the top 10. Fingers crossed the bitch has another copy for you!

Mike said...

Pablo, you're welcome! Thanks for the pic.

Dannii is so generous - giving us so many "fan releases". What a saint!

Parker said...

HTGD brings you happiness, wisdom and peace. Go get your copy!

undisco_me said...

Parker is hot!

In shitty Scotland, poor Dannii's Children In Need performance was introduced as "here's Kylie Minogue!"

Mike said...

I agree Parker, HTGD is better than prozac.

And fuck Scotland! Someone nuke that hole!

victor said...

a friend of mine lives in barcelona, someone can tell me where he can buy the single for me?

Pasaelmocho said...

Peibols rulezzzzz!!!!

Qué machote

Mike said...

Sorry Victor, I don't really know. I think it was stocked at Fnac. Maybe one of these guys can help you out.

Pasaelmocho - Peibols is indeed the sexiest man alive! I checked out your blog and I love the pics - so many hot guys! I really need to learn Spanish....

Hules said...

Paid with sex!?

They can pay me with sex!

Or anybody!?


bubu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike said...

Bubu sent me this link:


You can buy Dannii's Spanish HTGD cd from there but they charge 25 Euros to ship it!

bubu said...

thanks mike!
something weird (almost satanic) happened with the link I put...
even Dannnii's Spanish label is boycotting her fans around the globe with these exclusive "fan releases".

Mike said...

I blame Kylie! I think she's hacking into the computers of Dannii fans around the world to sabotage her younger, more glamorous sister's sales!

brian_mo said...

OMG hot Spaniards. This is too much. Anyway, I'm telling everybody possible how fab Dannii's crap is. Well, after I get ppl to watch Snoop Dogg's new video on YouTube. Bitches.