Monday, 12 November 2007

The Height Of Rudeness!

Louis Walsh is a bitter, old cunt. Dannii's fellow "X Factor" judge has revealed himself as a shameless Minogue hater by dissing Dannii's stunning chart $ucce$$ on national television! Upset at Dannii's correct opinion that one of his acts was complete rubbish, Louis replied and I quote:

"Excuse me, Dannii, we're having hits in the charts. You're NOT!"

I can't believe this awful man's rudeness and inaccuracy. Dannii is the undisputed queen of clubs - as this week's chart proves! "Touch Me Like That" climbs from #24 to #7 after only two weeks. Suck on that you old cunt!

Poor Dannii kept her cool and consoled herself by flirting shamelessly with the contestants. Thanks to Peibols for sending me the lovely picture below. Apparently the man holding Dannii's hand is making some kind of obscene hand gesture ("hacer un dedo") but I think Spanish people just have sex on the brain! Unlike chaste Dannii.


BruDé said...

Louise is getting nervous ! Dannii is gonna win the competition. I just jope Simon won't jump in that too. Here we say "Jamais 2 sans 3" which means Never 2 without 3". After Sharon and Louise, Simon...

Peibols said...

I said that guy it's trying to reach the Dannii's G-factor!!
He's trying really hard!

And Dannii's between stopping him (because he's not a lesbian-stripper) or let him work (according to her smiley face).

And Dannii's dress is really amazing.
How can you make a really small dress with a theathre curtain.

Parker said...

He want sto be the next Flower Power, Soul Seekerz or Jason Nevins and is clearly using Dannii's Beyond to do some scratch

Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...

He is VILE! And that was before his jealous attack on Dannii! The stories I've heard about that dirty old pervert...

And when was the last time he, Simon or Sharon personally had a hit single? Never?!? Oops...

Hules said...

I'm outraged.

That grizzley old man should be stood up against a brick wall and shot in the face.

Simon. said...

Gawd, I got a bit offended by his comment and I'm not Dannii. He's such a bitch.

But, if I had a catfight with Dannii (which I highly doubt) I would probably have said something like that. Even though I wouldn't really mean it - I love Dan to death.

Well... First, Sharon and now, Louis. At least Dannii can count on and bang Simon. He's the man. lol.

Mike said...

Brude - I really hope things don't come in threes for poor Dannii! Dannii's stunning beauty and international fame have made her a target for the other judges :(

Pablo, you need to stop dreaming and fantasising about Dannii's moist G spot. I hate to shatter your dreams but Dannii will never sit on your chorizo, she's just not that kind of girl!

Hey Parker - nice to see you here inside Dannii's Box. I can't believe all these awful men are trying to molest poor Dannii just to have a hit. It's a disgrace!

Jay, I totally agree. Louis manages all those boybands so he can fondle them backstage in the dressing room. I'd love to see him have 11 consecutive #1 club hits! What a hater!

Welcome Hules! I think that's too good for a slimy cunt like Louis. He should be tied to a chair and forced to listen to Dulta on repeat!

Simon - I was offended too. Dannii is the only one of the judges to ever have a hit on her own. They will be forced to eat their words when TMLT races to #1 in Eritrea and Bulgaria!