Thursday, 15 November 2007

Queen Of Clubs - Dannii's 13th #1 Club Hit!

All hail the queen of clubs! Dannii continues to make chart history as "Touch Me Like That" becomes her 13th #1 hit on the UK club charts! Suck on that, Kylie!

Here is the full list of Holidannii's #1 club hits:

1997 All I Wanna Do
1997 Everything I Wanted
1998 Disremembrance
2001 Who Do You Love Now?
2002 Put The Needle On It
2003 I Begin To Wonder
2003 Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
2004 You Won't Forget About Me
2005 Perfection
2006 So Under Pressure
2007 I Can't Sleep At Night
2007 He's The Greatest Dancer
2007 Touch Me Like That

Dannii, we salute you!

A big thanks to Magical Froggy for the amazing picture.


Aline said...

Go Dannii! I was expecting that

Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...


Not only that, but TMLT is #1 on both the Upfront Club and Commercial Pop charts - and she knocked Kylie off the top spot of the former!

TMLT is actually growing on me a bit - I blame the sheer fabulousness of the video.

bubu said...

congratulations dannii!
she's now a complete queen of clubs, whatever she does inside a club, she's the best.

in related news, dannii hold position #14 in SPain singles chart with "He's The Greatest Dancer". you know, we usually get everything 4 to 6 months late here [Umbrella is #3 now here ¬_¬]. by the way, neither peibols nor me haven't bought the single yet.

Hules said...

Is there a "gymnasium" charts?

They play Dannii 24/7 there, which really does things to me.

Although seeing one's self sweat and shudder under the exertion from opening their bottle of water, whilst Dannii is shrieking "Pefection" over a blaring techno beat isn't always great for the self-esteem.

Mike said...

Dannii's $ucce$$ is truly breathtaking! I think she should release another compilation album called "#1s" just to piss off Dannii's army of haters!

Bubu - When are you and Pablo going to buy HTGD? Poor Dannii could use those sales to buy a daquiri on her next trip to Ibiza. I really wonder who is actually buying the 5 copies a week to keep it in the top 20. Maybe people are mistaking it for a Kylie CD!

Hules - I know what you mean. The gym I (rarely) go to has a video monitor and has "Perfection" on repeat. They also play Melissa Tkautz and Melinda Jackson - which makes the whole gross gym experience a bit more bearable!

tommie said...

$ucce$$! Take that Kylie, you old botoxed flop tart! Dannii truly is the more successful sister now.

I also think Dannii would be number one on the Gay Sauna chart - I can just imagine sweaty old men humping eachother to the beat of "Perfection"! In fact, I'm going to invent that chart right now and all of Dannii's singles has been number one on it!

tommie said...

By the way - I'm pretty sure ICSAN never made it to number one on the Upfront chart; when Nathensayz said "13 #1 club hits" I'm pretty sure he included Heaven Can Wait.

Simon. said...

LOL @ The gym comments. I DO listen to Dannii on my iPod while I'm working out @ the gym as well! Especially the club hits. They motivate me a lot. And I also play Jennifer Lopez while I'm on the glute-machine, just for inspiration. lol.

Mike said...

Tommiw, I was dubious about ICSAN too. I always thought Dannii had 11 #1 club hits but I just went off this:

And let's face it, if Dannii is claiming it as a #1 hit - who am I to argue! I actually think it's even classier if Dannii is now inventing #1 club hits for her resume! Danniitastic!

Simon. said...

As far as I am concearned, Dannii released ICSAN as a promo and as download single. That is why it got to N.1, because of success of the promo.