Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Dannii Dishes The Dirt On Tina Arena!

If you read my other blog you'll be aware of how much I love Tina Arena. Dannii's former Young Talent Time co-star has gone on to have her own very successful music career (Tina is almost as successful in France as Dannii is in Spain!) and the lovely ladies have remained friends. After several years in Europe, Tina has returned to Australia to tour and promote her new album, "Songs Of Love & Loss" (released December 3rd). I've been excited to have Tina back in the country and I'm even more desperate to finally meet the woman after hearing Dannii talk about Tina's filthy mouth on the radio! One of Tina's biggest fans kindly sent me an excerpt from an interview with Dannii and I thought some of you might enjoy hearing Dannii spill the beans on Tina. Dannii makes such a great interviewee - she's so sweet and lovely! A big thank you to Derrick for sharing!

Download - Dannii Dishing The Dirt On Tina Arena

Listening to Dannii talk about Tina put me in a nostalgic mood and I decided to look for some Young Talent Time clips on youtube. During my search I stumbled across an advertisement that Dannii and Tina made for Kambrook heaters - way back in 1984! In my view, this is the best commercial in the history of TV! I can't emphasise enough how gloriously camp and joyous this clip is. You get to see Dannii playing guitar and dancing around dressed as a piece of toast! In case you have trouble recognising them - Dannii is the first girl to have a solo, followed directly by Tina. Kambrook should invite them back for their next campaign!


Hules said...

I must have a Kamrook Heater...


Mike said...

I know, it's on my Xmas list!

YTT was just amazing. I live in hope that they will eventually release the entire series on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Tina Arena must be really that crazy but I still love her. ;)