Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Dannii's Stunning Chart $ucce$$!!

After years of being "really, really ready" for it, Dannii is finally experiencing an unprecedented amount of $ucce$$! Here are some of Dannii's stunning achievements:

- "Club Disco" is #10 on the UK digital album chart and currently #3 on UK iTunes dance album chart
- "Unleashed" sold 1,500 copies in the UK on Monday and would have placed #40 on the album chart if it were eligible.
- "Touch Me Like That" enters the UK club chart at #24
- The "Neon Nights" rerelease is top 100 on the UK mid-weeks
- The "Girl" re-release is top 120 on the UK mid-weeks

Last but most definately not least, "He's The Greatest Dancer" reaches a new peak of #13 in Spain! Thanks to Peibols for notifying me of Dannii's astonishing Spanish $ucce$$!


bubu said...

oh my god! thanks for the link. we love you! I am overwhelmed, I think I am gonna cum on a dannii cd. anyone.

but the most incredible fact is that Peibols hasn't bought the single!!! I mean, who has bought it then? sadly, a number 13 hit in the singles chart in Spain means probably 8 copies sold.

we should celebrate this with a vodka party. and lapdancers.

congratulations for you blog. we read it. we don't usually comment, but we read it. cheers!

Miss Heidi Von Binterschlappen said...


I bet it was my copy of HTGD that made it rocket back up the charts!

Mike said...

Thanks Bubu! Your Blog is great. I just wish I could understand more Spanish than "let's fuck". I'm so shocked that Peibols hasn't purchased HTGD! Shame, Pablo, shame! If sales are so low, Dannii could have a #1 smash hit if all of her 25 Spanish fans bought it! I think a vodka, pills, lap dancers, pole dancing and Botox party is the perfect way to celebrate Dannii's stunning $ucce$$!

Jay - I think you doubled Dannii's sales!

magical froggy said...

I want a copy of Dannii's Spanish HTGD CD! If we all chipped in and bought 5 copies we could be talking about a #1 smash hit here??!

The other news is astonishing. Finally Dannii is not just the Queen of Clubs, but also the Queen of the Charts too!

What a happy time to be alive.

Mike said...

I think I'm going to make a pilgrimmage to the holy land of Spain so I can buy 20 copies of HTGD to give Dannii her first #1 and then camp inside a gay nightclub in Ibiza so I can stalk Dannii around the island. A boy can dream....