Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Ultimate Insult

When I first heard the rumours that "Club Disco" was ineligible to chart in Australia, I thought it was a just another outbreak of irrational Dannii drama but I thought I would check with Central Station just in case. Much to my surprise, the rumours turned out to be true. "Club Disco" won't be appearing on any ARIA chart because her record company has decided not to list the album as chart eligible. I'm not criticising Central Station because I have a feeling this bright idea originated from someone in Dannii's camp but I really can't think of a bigger diss for an artist or their fanbase.

None of the official reasons given are very convincing. Central Station correctly points out that the album is mostly comprised of old tracks. However, if I'm not mistaken, the bonus remix disc was commissioned to address this very problem. They also argue that "Club Disco" has been available for months. That is most certainly true but this is the first time the album has got a physical release anywhere in the world and let's be honest, there have been huge delays with all of Dannii's Central Station output. It also doesn't explain Dannii's current publicity push. Why is she even bothered?

The final reason is actually kind of funny. They claim they don't want to hinder Dannii's chart history if the album flops. The people in charge of Dannii's career have such little faith in her ability to sell records that they would rather spare themselves the embarrassment. How charming! Dannii's album chart history in Australia is as follows:

Dannii - #24
Love & Kisses And... - #98
Get Into You - #53
Girl - #69
The Singles - Did Not Chart
The Remixes - Did Not Chart
Neon Nights - #25
The Hits & Beyond - #67
Unleashed - #165

I really can't imagine how you could possibly tarnish that chart run! We love Dannii, flops and all. Chart disasters simply come with the territory of Dannii fandom. I'm still wholeheartedly excited about getting my hands on a physical copy of "Club Disco" and I hope it's a huge success. I just never thought the day would arrive when Dannii's camp is happy to relegate her album to the rubbish tip of music history before it is even released.


Justin said...

I knew it wouldn't be eligible to chart but the reasons given don't make much sense. Why even promote the damn thing?

Oh and Dannii's career has been nothing but flops so I don't understand how it will tarnish her chart run in Australia. LMAO!

Mike said...

Excuse me, "Dannii" and "Neon Nights" were not flops!! I'm the first to say that Dannii's chart history for singles is nothing short of spectacular but her album sales have never been consistent. It really couldn't get any worse than "Unleashed" - and this time the package is considerably better!

Dannii's Delights! said...

We already know it's gonna flop, but who cares?! Just let it chart...plus maybe enough dilluded fans like ourselves will buy it and make it top 50 :P

Jamie_movietrip said...

LOL Are these people on crack! Dannii's consistant underperformance is what makes her so endearing to her tens of fans accross the internet!

Johnny D said...

A whole stack of people on the Dannii forum bought multiple copies of TMLT to boost its sales position, then it was ineligble to chart. Its all par for the course. At least it means I can buy it at my leisure, not during the first week of release to help its chart placings.

Its funny how the only people who seem to care less about Dannii's releases other than Dannii herself, is her record labels.

Its all very floptastic though!

Jay said...

Rudeness! I can't believe anyone would stand in the way of another Top 200 smash for Dannii!

One for the conspiracy corner!

Mike said...

It's so sad. Dannii has plummeted so low that she's no longer able to even flop!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they're not listing it! Dannii performed on It Takes 2, is doing TV work so her profile is high, did the Great Wall of China walk with Olivia - wouldn't it be a perfect time to exploit this and release a chart eligible CD?

It's a sad state of affairs when a record company doesn't seem to believe in it's own artist anymore.

patentad sub misuse said...

why the hell does she do badly in australia? in the uk she does so well, nearly all her singles are top ten, just missing no1 on a few occasion, (i begin to woner *2, who do u lobe now *3, all i wanna do *4, don't wanna lose this feeling *5, and the rest were within top ten, except touch me like that, which wasn't even promoted.

love and kisses and neon nights bothe went gold and were top ten albums,

the hits and beyond was *17, a top 20 album,

and the rest were within the top 50 albums (dannii, girl)

unleashed was ilegible to chart,

club disoc was download only, and went to *2 on the dance charts

to date she has had 16 consistant *1 club chart hits, making her the only female artist to ever do so

so whats the big problem australia?