Sunday, 27 April 2008

Dannii - On The Prowl!

Sydney Confidential is reporting that man hungry Dannii pounced on Sunrise reporter James Tobin during an interview. Someone needs to courier over Dannii's box of toys from the UK before things get out of hand!

SUNRISE junior showbiz reporter James Tobin was apparently like a pre-pubescent teenager after veteran Dannii Minogue turned cougar during a TV chat over the weekend.

Tobin asked the Australia's Got Talent judge if she was seeing anyone, to which she replied she was dating and having fun. A flirtatious Minogue then asked Tobin if he was seeing anyone.

"The room was certainly hot," one studio spy told Confidential.

"She was flirting outrageously with him, and he could barely talk."

Tobin, who replaced Jono Coleman as the brekky-TV entertainment guy, managed to get his act together and complete the interview.


Jay said...

Clearly that reporter was entranced by Dannii's natural beauty! And noone can resist the allure of The Baps!

BruDé said...

I approve Dannii's choice ! The guy is hot !!! And I'm sure he would not refuse a threesome with a hot lesbian !

Justin said...

Get that dick girl!

Mike said...

This was big news on breakfast tv this morning! Dannii's ravenous appetite for men = ratings $ucce$$!!

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO Mr. Tobin wouldn't want her, or anything with a vagina for that matter.