Saturday, 19 April 2008

A Different Side Of Dannii

Since peeling back the flaps of Dannii's Dirty Box in mid 2007, I've spent a reasonable amount of time taking the piss out of our glorious icon. None of it has been mean spirited but Dannii lends herself to a certain amount of ridicule with her endless "fan releases", media scandals and busy holiday schedule. As much as I love Dannii drama (it's more addictive than heroin!), perhaps I don't write enough about the caring and giving woman who devotes much of her non-holiday time to helping AIDS and cancer charities. A perfect example is Dannii's current trek along the Great Wall to raise money for a cancer centre in Melbourne. Not only is Dannii hauling her fabulous baps across the Chinese countryside, she's allowing us to gain a wonderful insight into her heart and mind through her touching diary entries. Behind Dannii's mask of breathtaking fabulousness lies a compassionate and down to earth human being. I've lost family and friends to cancer and I just wanted to express how much I admire and respect Dannii for participating in this event. My Dirty Box colleagues feel the same way and want to convey what Dannii's charity walk means to them. Tommie previously touched on his personal connection to this topic in an earlier post.

Aside from the fact that Dannii has got off her arse and actually done something - despite risking a black eye due to the DanniiBaps bounciness, I am so proud of Dannii for taking this challenge to support such a worthy cause.

Kylie's illness will have had a devastating effect on Dannii as well - because that is what happens when a loved one gets diagnosed. Too hear someones muffled screams of pain (muffled because they are biting the pillow they have shoved their head in and run to the furthest corner of the house and locked the door so that noone else can hear) as cancer ravages their insides is not pleasant - and what makes it worse is you know you can do nothing to help stop the pain. Anyone who has a relative, a friend, a partner who has had cancer will understand how harrowing a time it was for Dannii and the rest of her family - and know why So Under Pressure is so powerful a song.

Dannii did all she could to support her sister and now by doing this walk, she can not only help many more sufferers of cancer but their families, friends and loved ones as well.

Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way or another. I'm so proud of Dannii for getting involved and taking time out from her busy schedule to participate in such an amazing fundraising event that in the end will benefit thousands of people every year.

Dannii's walk through the wilds of China is a perfect example of the fact that her heart matches, if not surpasses, the beauty for which she is so famed. Cancer is not something any of us should ever take lightly, and if caring Dannii raises even a cent towards research that could potentially save just one life, then that is a remarkable thing. What some people may not realise, Dannii's walk also serves another charitable purpose: her mere presence in that land is a beacon of light and hope to those impoverished people who are oppressed by their government. Dannii is a symbol that things can get better.

On a lighter note, it is delightful that Dannii felt the need to reveal her 'before walk' weight on her blog. Only stunning Dannii could combine the tasks of saving lives and weight loss. Fingers crossed you drop those pounds girlfriend!


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Lovely post and fab pics!

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Here here! I hope Dannii goes that extra mile and releases a cash-in charity single