Tuesday, 29 April 2008

MSN Viciously Attacks Dannii

Whilst killing time reading an article on MSN about TV shows past their prime, I was somewhat surprised to see The X Factor being cited as an example. What was even more horrifying was their reason: the Queen of Clubs herself!

TV Shows That Lost It

The X Factor - The addition of Dannii Minogue and Brian
Friedman (followed by his very public humiliation as he
was unceremoniously dumped for being rubbish) speaks
volumes. Tinkering with a format to 'freshen up' or 'sex up'
a show is generally an acknowledgement that it is going stale. In 2007, The
X Factor was only saved by the flamboyance of Rhydian Roberts.

Clearly these sad nobodies feel so bitter about their own lives they have nothing better to do than rip to shreds the hard work that Dannii has put into entertaining the masses. I'd like to see the MSN office geeks singlehandedly juggle successful music and TV careers on opposite sides of the planet. Dannii is a global entertainment icon and deserves respect, not venomous scorn. Shame on you, MSN.


Jay said...

They are lucky Dannii isn't setting her own personal army of Spanish Gays on them!

Mike said...

I'm shocked and appalled by this hateful piece of journalism! I think we should boycott MSN!

Anonymous said...

OMG so many h8trsss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111

Sarah said...

Wot a dis! Dan Dan doesn't deserve that hate. She's the best.