Sunday, 13 April 2008

More footage of Dannii and the Great Wall of China

This is my first post on DDB, so I'm awfully excited! YAY me! I was shocked to hear Dannii declare that she had flown into China from Melbourne. Why the fuck was I not informed she was in Melbourne? I just assumed she was still running around the streets of America flashing people!


I demand everyone does as Dannii says! Sponsor her so she has more sponsorship deals than Cliff Richard. Don't let Old Cliff beat our Dannii! We need to show just how many fans she has if we all sponsor her! Even if it's like $10 it's all for a good cause!

Sponsor Dannii's baps, I mean steps!


Mike said...

I really respect Dannii for taking part in this walk. She's kind of useless as far as her own career is concerned but Dannii does do a lot for charity. I just worry about her baps - how is she going to drag them half way across China without doing herself an injury?!

Patrick said...

I think Dannii looks so cute with her little braids and glad she's doing the walk. But someone needs to put the bitch up in a 5 star hotel! She can't be away from the comforts of Ibiza for too long!