Sunday, 13 April 2008

Dannii's Adventure!

If you didn't know, our Dannii is in China walking despite her fabulous baps handicapping her immensely. I think I speak for everyone at Dannii's Dirty Box when I say that I fully respect and admire Dannii doing this walk! My grandmother died of cancer, so Dannii's adventure means a lot to me and is another example of Dannii's stunning $ucce$$ as a human being! Is there anything this woman won't do?

No, there really is not. All hail Dannii, Queen of all our souls!


Mike said...

I love the pic of Dannii in the bath! Even in the Chinese wilderness Dannii finds time to relax with a cocktail! And I totally agree about respecting Dannii for her participation!

Miss Halliwell said...

Dannii's tits might explode in the heat!

I hope she keeps them under something cool and avoids vigorous stimulation...