Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A Dannii's Dirty Box Pictorial Exclusive!

So tonight was our Dannii's performance on "It Takes Two", and yours truly, along with some other random fans, including some fans of DDB, headed on down to the studios in South Melbourne to see Dannii and get some photos.

Nathan was at the studios as well and I do have to admit I adore his accent! I'm a sucker for different accents, however I think I should stop there as I know Mike will kill me if I say anything too positive about Nathan! I'll just say I got a photo though and I feel like I've met royalty!

Dannii came out more than an hour after the show finished. I assume she was probably either hitting the booze backstage or she was doing some promo for Australia's Got Talent which starts next week.

Here are some of the pics I snapped while seeing Dannii after the show!


BruDé said...

Nathan is hot. I'd sleep with him !

Mike said...

Dannii looks adorable as ever! I love the asiatic lillies too - I might get some for the kitchen table!

Magical Froggy said...

Those pictures are absolutely lovely, I'm glad you got to meet our Queen! :D