Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Boogie Woogie - Dannii's #1 Japanese Hit!

"Boogie Woogie" is brought to you with thanks to Robpop. Lord only knows how many hours I'm going to have to spend on my knees repaying him for his kindness! Give Rob a thrill and check out his scandalous post on Kylie's divine "Light Years" at YouCallThatLife. I'm quite certain Rob must have been drugged to the teeth when he compared "Please Stay" to a Geri Halliwell B-side, but these great tracks more than make up for that usually unforgiveable slight!

Dannii collaborated with Eurogroove in 1995 for their Japanese greatest hits album at a point in time when her career was going nowhere fast in Australia. The result was two #1 Japanese hits - "Rescue Me" and "Boogie Woogie". Unfortunately, I don't have "Rescue Me" but from memory it has nothing on the camp brilliance of "Boogie Woogie", which is the closest to Whigfield that Dannii will ever sound. Rob also sent a couple of cheesy remixes that I had never heard. However, I have a feeling that they will be on high rotation at my place for quite some time to come.

Download - Boogie Woogie
Download - Boogie Woogie (Eurogroove Remix)
Download - Boogie Woogie (Extended)

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