Saturday, 24 March 2007

He's The Greatest Dancer - Aus Release

Dannii will finally unleash "He's The Greatest Dancer" upon the Australian public on the 16th of April. The cover art is stunning, although it is a bit cheeky to use images from the "I Can't Sleep At Night" photoshoot. The tracklist is exactly the same as the promo that has been floating around since late last year, which is a bit of a worry. I know it's greedy of me but I would go down on Dannii's homegirl Sheila for a new B-side! Hopefully, Central Station Records will re-issue "The Hits & Beyond" with something new if "He's The Greatest Dancer" does well for them. The tracklist is listed below:

1. He's The Greatest Dancer (Lmc Edit)
2. He's The Greatest Dancer (Lmc Extended)
3. He's The Greatest Dancer (Chris Lake Remix)
4. He's The Greatest Dancer (Shapeshifters Remix)
5. He's The Greatest Dancer (Kenny Hayes Dub Addiction)
6. He's The Greatest Dancer (Riffs & Rays Mix)
7. He's The Greatest Dancer (Sebastien Leger Electro Vocal)
8. He's The Greatest Dancer (Fugitive Club Mix)

I posted these mixes before the release of "He's The Greatest Dancer" was announced and they have now been removed. I have faith that everyone who has enjoyed them will support Dannii and purchase a physical copy. You can pre-order your copy from Chaos today!

PS. Was Dannii wearing the dress from the cover of "He's The Greatest Dancer" tonight on "Australia's Got Talent"? It looked quite similar.


Miss Heide Von Binterschlappen said...

I am furious that they couldn't at least stick the ICSAN video on the CD since the bitch was too lazy to show up for the actual video shoot for this!

Scratch one sale...

Trash Addict said...

The package is a bit lazy but I'm just grateful that Dannii is actually releasing something. I'll take what I can get!