Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Has Dannii Fucked Up My Blog?

I just received an e-mail from Robpop about the state of my Blog. Apparently, I am suddenly the Ugly Betty of the internet. Everything looks normal from my computer but other people are seeing this:

Ok. The blog. Its gone completely weird. The links are no longer to the left and at the top of the page but at the bottom. Comments to posts are miles away from your picture/file and thread. It suddenly looks like a prolapsed vagina (Jordans or Petes, I can't quite tell: they smell the same now). Things are everywhere. The images of Coconut are covering the single to Everlasting night. Some words are covering others. To be blunt, its a mess sweetie.

Has Dannii turned this place into the prolapsed vagina of Blogland? Or is Robpop having an acid flashback? Please let me know so I can try to remedy the situation with my very limited IT ability.

I'm devastated - I want Dannii's Dirty Box to be pink and pretty, not some kind of mutant orifice!

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